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Ironmouse’s Ongoing Subathon Breaks New Records: The Breakdown

Ironmouse, the demon queen VTuber affiliated with VTuber agency VShojo, has continuously broken online records during her ongoing uncapped subathon stream. As of this writing, it is currently the 22nd day of her subathon, and is not showing any signs of slowing down. For context, Ironmouse started the subathon on February 4 at 7PM EST, where every subscriber to her Twitch channel, as well as 500 bits or US$5 donated will extend the subathon timer fifteen seconds each.

The ongoing subathon has proven to be a huge win to the VTubing community, further pushing the VTubing scene to mainstream recognition. In this article, we break down every record Ironmouse has achieved throughout the course of her ongoing subathon.

Ironmouse As Most-Subscribed Twitch Channel

Data from Twitch statistics aggregator TwitchTracker notes that Ironmouse currently sits at the top of creators on the platform having the greatest number of active subscribers at the moment. As of this writing, Ironmouse has 120,288 active subscribers, 105,765 of which are paid subscriptions. By classification, 105,520 of these subscriptions are under Tier 1 (US$4.99), 134 are for Tier 2 (US$9.99), and 111 are for Tier 3 (US$24.99). 98,535 of these subscriptions fall under gifted subs and 8,232 are from Twitch Prime users.

Ironmouse bested some of the most popular streamers in the platform, including Canadian streamer Félix Lengyel who is also known as xQc (currently at 83,560 subscribers), American streamer Hasan Doğan Pike (59,485 subscribers), and Brazilian sports commentator/streamer Casimiro Miguel (59,012 subscribers).

As The Most-Subscribed Female Twitch Streamer

During the 16th of February, Ironmouse was also recognized as Twitch’s most-subscribed female streamer on the platform. Dot Esports reports Ironmouse nabbed the new record from previous record-holder Kkatamina, who reached a peak of 73,623 subscribers during her subathon stream in November 2021.

As Ironmouse took to Twitter to show gratitude for all of the fans who supported her in this journey, Kkatamina also replied to Ironmouse’s tweet, congratulating her on the latest win.

The popularity of Ironmouse on the platform has long been cemented since 2021, as a recent report from StreamerElements noted that she, alongside fellow VShojo talent Veibae, were among the most-watched female streamers in October 2021.

Ironmouse on Most-Subscribed Streamers of All Time List

Following the feat of being the most-subscribed streamer actively at the moment, Ironmouse is now also included in the list of most-subscribed streamers in the platform of all time. According to TwitchTracker, Ironmouse currently sits in fourth place, alongside the top three namely Ludwig (283,066), Ninja (269,154), and CriticalRole (139,559).

What’s In It Now For Ironmouse’s Ongoing Subathon?

As of this writing, she has also reached 1,000,000 followers on Twitch. Ironmouse also announced that her official YouTube channel has now reached the 500,000-subscriber milestone. In addition, she has recently released a cover of KING, originally performed by Kanaria, as well as being a featured artist alongside Nyanners for Magic Circuit’s ‘Virtual Realities’.

Data from Twitch data aggregator SullyGnome notes that for the past 30 days, she has gained 4,969,885 new views on her channel this month, as well as registering around 12,660 average viewers this month.

During her subathon, she has also continued her “Speak of the Devil” interview series, interviewing personalities such as Chris Broad of “Abroad in Japan”, NIJISANJI’s Luca Kaneshiro, and Amano Pikamee.

Data is based on collated data from TwitchTracker and SullyGnome (Feb. 26, 11:30AM, JST)
Banner Image: Screencap of Ironmouse’s ongoing subathon

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