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Iruma-Kun Season 2 Episode 5: A Night With Friends

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Iruma-kun season 2 episode 5, otherwise known as Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, finally aired. After last week’s episode, Iruma finally returns home, and we’re throwing a party!

The only problem for Iruma is that prior to his time in the netherworld, he was never in this position. His awful parents made him work from a young age so he has never had a party or friends for that matter. Episode 5 is a great time to reign things in and slow the pace down with some light-hearted moments.

Ameri is finally all fixed up, and the Magical Apparatus Battler reinstated Iruma can return home. Though, after being smothered by his grandfather with days on end of parties he may have wanted to stay. However, it seems like tonight’s party is finally the end, and this time he can have friends over.

It’s easy to forget just how out of touch Iruma is in social matters. He never had a chance to have friends or parties in the human world, so he struggles just to invite friends over. Ali-san needs to scare him just to send the text to Clara and Azz. It only gets worse as he agonizes over every detail prior.

We’ll gloss over that Ameri isn’t invited (because I’ll get upset), but the focus this week is simply being normal. Iruma needs to learn not only how to be a proper demon, but a proper kid too.

Luckily, Iruma has some of the best friends that let him be himself. We eat, play games, and do all the normal things you’d expect from a party for a 14-year old. Iruma eats as his normally gluttonous self does, and we learn Opera is a dancing master.

Though as it turns out Grandpa Sullivan is getting a little discouraged in Iruma-Kun episode 5. We get to see the resemblances in insecurities between himself and Iruma. Sullivan worries that he is losing his reputation among Iruma and his friends by not standing out. Similar to Iruma earlier who was worried in the same way about embarrassing himself.

So clearly the only solution for Sullivan is an elaborate scheme that will show off how incredible he is. Naturally, it all goes off the rails and nothing works out, but all ends well. The night finishes with no more issues and Iruma and company have a great time.

A change of pace, Iruma-Kun episode 5 is the perfect introduction for what’s to come. Still light hearted and wholesome, we get to see the focus on remembering that Iruma is still just a kid.

He has all the normal worries of a teenager, and this was a great way to see it. We also get the introduction to the new arc coming up. See, Iruma wants to learn about evil cycles and personality changes, so Ali-san figures what better way to learn than experience.

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All Images are via the Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun 2 Episode 4 stream on Crunchyroll.

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