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Kageki Shojo!! Anime Premiers on July 3, 2021

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Kageki Shojo!!, josei slice-of-life anime by studio Pine Jam, is premiering on July 3rd, the official website for the series confirmed today.

Kagekii Shojo

Previously released PV hinted at the storyline and characters. Sayaka Senbongi and Yumiri Hanamori star as Sarasa Watanabse and Ai Narata, respectively. In addition, Hiroki Nanami, Sumire Uesaka, You Taichi, Riko Sasaki, Satsumi, and Risae Matsuda also star in the series.

Kazuhiro Yoneda (Yona of the Dawn) is directing the Kageki Shojo!! anime. Takahiro Kishida is doing character designs, while Tsuneyoshi Saito is composing the music.

Kageki Shoujo!! is a sequel series to the Kageki Shojo!! The Curtain Rises manga, also authored by Kumiko Saiki. Seven Seas licensed the manga for the English market and describes the plot as:

Ever since she was a little girl, Sarasa has wanted to play the role of Oscar as part of the Kouka Acting Troupe, an all-female acting troupe similar to the Takarazuka Revue. But before she can do that, she has to attend two years at the Kouka School of Musical and Theatrical Arts. As Sarasa practices singing, dancing, and acting, she grows closer to the other girls in her year, including her roommate, the stoic former J-idol, Ai. Though Sarasa is great at making friends, her outspoken nature and grand ambitions earn her lots of enemies as well. Can Sarasa keep her upbeat attitude and achieve her dream of stardom?

Source: Official Website
© 斉木久美子・白泉社/「かげきしょうじょ!!」製作委員会

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