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Kageki Shojo Episode 12: Exceeding Expectations

Kageki Shojo episode 12 features the continuation of the auditions from last week’s episode. This time around, the episode centers around Ayako Yamada’s audition, as well as Sarasa’s preparation for her moment. The excellence of Kageki Shojo continues to prevail. Let’s discuss the episode’s key talking points in a spoiler-filled discussion!

Real world experience

A big chunk of the episode is dedicated to Ayako finding inspiration for her performance in the auditions. She goes into it doubting herself, believing that her lack of real-world experience in romance will ultimately be her downfall. As she’s on stage, she remembers having a deep, unrequited crush on a classmate of hers before. This classmate of hers remains ignorant to her feelings though and asks another girl out one day.

However, it’s revealed through heavy implications that the girl has had a crush on Ayako all along. It recontextualizes everything set up so far. She’s seen as promiscuous due to possibly having conflicting thoughts on her attraction toward the same sex, and thus making a mess out of her dating life. The one boy she does reject is the one Ayako’s had a crush on for the longest time, and she does so not wanting to break Ayako’s heart. And of course, when she does make a move on Ayako, she’s too dense to recognize it.

That is until Ayako gets in front of the class during the auditions. It’s there, in front of everyone, that she puts two and two together. It’s this realization that there was someone out there who saw her for who she really was that pushes her forward. It gives her the strength and inspiration to channel the best performance out of her in beautiful, melodic song.

Ayako sings a beautiful melody!

Subtle, beautiful writing is fully on display here. It’s Kageki Shojo’s bread and butter, and it’s as stunning now as it has been all season long.

Sarasa’s “relationship”

Kageki Shojo episode 12 also provides deeper insight into the true nature of Sarasa’s relationship with Akiya. It’s been implied throughout the season that something’s off about their relationship. It turns out that Akiya is being blackmailed into being with Sarasa! Akiya’s brother has taken a liking to Sarasa, and if Akiya wants to have any chance at the top of the kabuki food chain, he must date her.

This is such a strange development. Not everything about the relationship is fake, of course. Akiya admits to having a crush on Sarasa. Furthermore, Sarasa gets butterflies before seeing Akiya. However, that the relationship is one born of blackmail explains a lot of the awkwardness between the two.

Sarasa asks Akiya to be her boyfriend.

What heightens the tension further is that Akiya doesn’t know that Sarasa’s in on the secret! She overheard Akiya and his brother talking about it, and decided to take matters into her own hands by asking Akiya out herself. She asks him to be her boyfriend on the day they go to the aquarium. What this means for both of their futures is an interesting question to ponder. However, that it sheds a lot of light on their strange interactions in previous episodes reveals a lot for viewers out there!

Her time to shine

The auditions are about to end, and Sarasa’s one of the last to get an opportunity to act. As Sarasa is called forth to play Tybalt, she excitedly springs into action. However, there’s yet another twist in the tale. This time, Andou-sensei himself will be playing the part of Romeo! The old Phantom of the Opera himself is giving acting another shot, if only for a moment!

All the pieces are there for Sarasa to find redemption. It was Andou-sensei who criticized Sarasa’s previous performance as Tybalt. Now, confident in having a Tybalt of her own to show, Sarasa must perform in front of Andou-sensei’s Romeo. Just how will this go? Such a tantalizing interaction will, unfortunately, have to wait until next week for viewers to see. But the stakes are as high as they’ve ever been for Sarasa. With everything to prove, the spotlight is on her. It’s her time to shine now.

Kageki Shojo has been so consistently good throughout the season. This episode is yet another reminder of how skilled writing and storytelling are and have been. As the show is about to wrap up, hopefully, it can end on a high note. And given what’s set up for next week, Sarasa has the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Kageki Shojo episode 11 is available to watch on Funimation! Episode 13 will premiere on September 26, 2021.


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