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Kageki Shojo Episode 9: A Tale Of Two Sisters

Kageki Shojo episode 9 has just aired! A sports festival is just around the corner for the girls of Kouka! As they begin to prepare for this prestigious event, tensions rise between the twins Chika and Chiaki. This tale of two sisters takes center stage in this week’s episode. In this spoiler-filled discussion, let’s look at this week’s key talking points!

Preparation for the sports festival

The Grand Sports Festival is about to take place soon! Although none of the first-year students are meant to participate in the actual events, there’s still a lot to do. The Kouka girls will be helping with the preparations for the event. In addition to that, they prepare to perform a halftime show too! They are coached through a cheerleading performance by some very high-profile Kouka actresses.

The Kouka girls begin to prepare for the sports festival!

The girls are also properly introduced to some of Kouka’s top stars. They find themselves in the same classroom as the Otoko-yaku performers, and most of them are left star-struck. One notable moment is when Winter troupe top star Sei Satomi waves at Sarasa, remembering her from their previous interaction a few episodes back!

There are quite a few small charming character moments in the prep for the sports festival. Risa gets a nosebleed, fangirling over the top stars. There are hints that Andou-sensei played a big role in getting Sarasa into Kouka, acknowledging that she’s something special. Chiaki also gets to share that her dream was to play the role of Juliet!

These small moments coalesce to form an atmosphere that replicates the hustle and bustle of extracurricular activity in school. It’s a rare, sort of nostalgic feeling. It’s wonderful how the show captures it so well in these little moments it introduces!

The two Juliets

The drama of the episode lies in the conflict between the twins, Chika and Chiaki. “Kageki Shojo” episode 9 reveals that the two had applied for Kouka the year before, but Chika was the only one admitted. This destroyed Chiaki’s world at the time, leading her to stop eating and locking herself in her room. This led to Chika turning down her admission, promising Chiaki that they would apply together again the next year.

Now that they’re both in Kouka, all things are supposedly well and good, right? Not quite. The experience had led to Chika’s views surrounding things concerning her and her sister to have been warped a bit. This was hinted at a bit in the girls’ small performance of a Romeo and Juliet scene. Almost reluctantly, Chika turned down the role of Juliet. It lends to the idea that she does not want to go for a role that leaves her sister behind.

However, Chiaki accepted the role of Juliet gladly. She also was able to bond with the former Juliet Kouka actress over her love for her role. To Chika, the sister she so patiently waited for is so willingly leaving her behind. Her feelings of jealousy and resentment are understandable.

Thankfully, the twins are able to express their feelings to one another before the episode ends. They take solace in the fact that no matter where the “fork in the road” brings them, their paths will always eventually come back together. It’s an incredibly touching message that wraps up the sibling drama in the episode in a neat little bow!

The twins are able to reconcile in the end!

(The show also continues its trend of creating personalized ED’s for the focus characters of the episode! Be sure to check out the twins in this week’s ED!)

Sarasa the track runner?

“Kageki Shojo” episode 9 ends with a bit of a twist! Unbeknownst to the girls, the top stars discuss what to do now that a runner for the relay race had sprained her ankle. Supposedly, one of the superiors is intended to replace the injured runner. However, as they look at the girls, they decide that maybe the time has come to spice things up. They decide that since it’s the centennial year of the competition, why not have a student from the centennial batch sub in? As they say this, the view pans in on a smiling Sarasa, as tall and as bubbly as she usually is.

What does this mean for Sarasa? How will she feel about having to sub in for the relay race? Will she be awed by the momentous occasion posed by the centennial sports festival? Who knows?

Sarasa to be a track runner?

However, we do know that it’s rare for Sarasa to be fazed by daunting occasions. When the going gets tough, Sarasa is anything but meek. And with those long legs of hers, she might just kill it in the sports festival! Get ready for her to speed through the competition!

Again, it’s impressive how much mileage Kageki Shojo gets out of their episodes. In all the hustle and bustle of preparing for the sports festival, they were able to insert a heartfelt story of two sisters at odds with one another. It’s really this sense of balancing levity and emotion that elevates Kageki Shojo above many shows. As they approach the tail end of their season, it will be interesting to see what other surprises the show has in store for viewers!

Kageki Shojo episode 9 is available to watch on Funimation! Episode 10 will premiere on September 5, 2021.


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