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Kaguya-sama Love is War S2 Episode 11 Screenshot, Synopsis, Staff, Seiyuu Reaction

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TV Anime Kaguya-sama Love is War S2 released basic information about the 11th episode on the official website. Let’s check episode titles, synopsis, and so on.

Notice: No translation is official in this article.

Episode Title

“And Ishigami Yuu closes his eyes ③”
Shirogane Miyuki and Ishigami Yuu
Ohtomo Kyoko doesn’t realize it”


The Sport’s Festival is finally entering the middle stage. People get wild over the performance of the cheering squad and it’s filling Ishigami‘s mind with a sense of achievement he has never felt. However, his classmate back in middle school, Ohtomo Kyoko, talks to him and his face turns completely. While Ishigami isn’t able to hide his uneasiness, the leader of the squad gets injured and it’s decided that he is to run in place of him as the anchor leg in a competitive relay. Ishigami stands in the track, still with his face blue, and it’s his memory of a certain incident he caused at the academy in the past that he is recalling.


Script Writer: Sugawara Yukie
Story Board Artist: Aizawa Kagetsu
Episode Director: Suzuki Moe
General Animation Director: Yakou Hiroshi
Animation Director: Satou Konomi, Kidou Takayuki, Noma Satoshi, Park Ae-lee

Voice Actor Reaction

Suzuki Ryota, the voice actor of Ishigami Yuu: I want to be a guy who can fight even when he’s scared, too.

Tomita Miyu, the voice actress of Iino Miko: It’s been a while since I got goose bumps in a voice recording session. I can’t wait!

Sugawara Yukie, the script writer of the anime: It’s finally coming…!


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Via – Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? Official Website

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