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Kakushigoto Episode 12 Screenshot, Synopsis, Staff

(Thumbnail via TV Anime Kakushigoto Official Website)

TV Anime Kakushigoto released screenshots, synopsis, and staff of the 12th episode on the official website.

Episode 12 “Hidden Truths” Synopsis

“Let’s keep having a birthday party of just the three of us every year” Kakushi said. The 11 year old Hime assumed it would last forever. As time passes, she turns 18. She obtains a key and a map from someone and takes a train of Enoden line to visit a house in Kamakura. She learns at the house, in which her father, mother, and Hime would have lived, that Kakushi was a manga artist. “I’m wondering why Father quit hiding secrets…”, an unknown boy watches her murmuring to herself.

Notice: The Episode Title is official.


Script Writer: Aoshima Takashi
Story Board Artist: Murano Yuuta
Episode Director: Murano Yuuta
Animation Director: Tamari Kazue, sata Risuku


Kakushigoto is available on Funimation (Banner image via Kodansha Comics)

Via – TV Anime “Kakushigoto” Official Website

Via – Kakushigoto: My Dad’s Secret Ambition -Kodansha Comics

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