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Anime Spotlight: Kakushigoto

Want to take a break from all the crisis surrounding you? Do you want something that could emotionally challenge you? Well then, you’re in luck because this week, we will be featuring Anime Spotlight: Kakushigoto! A simple yet dramatic anime series, Kakushigoto will surely drive your hearts at ease and show you the importance of family. This anime series will surely make you smile and at the same time get those waterworks going!

Kakushigoto Key Visual
Kakushigoto Key Visual

Kakushigoto is a comedy manga series written by Kumeta Kouji and serialized in Kodansha’s Monthly Shounen Magazine. The first volume of the manga was published way back 5 December 2015. On 6 July 2020, Kumeta Kouji officially ended the manga with its twelfth volume, thus marks the end of its journey. The anime adaptation of the manga aired last 2 April 2020 until 18 June 2020. Ajia-do Animation Works produced the anime under the direction of Yūta Murano.


Kakushigoto is the story of a father who’s trying his best to hide his job as a mangaka to her young, little daughter. The story revolves around their father-daughter adventures and heart-warming connection between the two. The reason behind why the father doesn’t want her daughter to find out his job? Well, it’s because he draws ecchi manga for a living, thus he’s worried if that fact would alienate her daughter from him.

Flumpool performed the opening theme song for the series titled “Chiisana Hibi” while the Eiichi Ohtaki performed the closing theme song titled “Kimi wa Tennen Shoku.”

Additionally, the ending theme song “Kimi wa Tennen Shoku” was released way back 12 March, 1981!

flumpool (top) and Eiichi Ohtaki (bottom)

Not yet convinced? In fact, even the author of the manga praised the anime director and said such things!

Kumeta Kouji Statement
Kumeta Kouji’s Statement

You can read our full article regarding Kumeta Kouji’s statement here.

You can watch the Kakushigoto trailer here.

So did our latest Anime Spotlight: Kakushigoto unlock your heart and made you want to watch the show? Don’t get me wrong, the genre of comedy and slice of life is what keeps the anime so good! So expect some heartbreaking scenes but still packs a lot of laughs!

Source: Kakushigoto Official Website
Thumbnail via TV Anime Kakushigoto OP

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