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Kakushigoto Author Reveals Reason Why He Concludes The Manga Along With The Anime

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On June 18, 2020, TV Anime Kakushigoto came to an end in Japan. Kakushigoto is a manga series written and illustrated by Kumeta Kouji and ends on July 6 in Monthly Shonen Magazine. A Japanese media, animate Times, conducted an email interview with the author. The interviewer asked some questions and one of them was; what lies in his aim at concluding the manga together with the anime.

Kumeta Kouji said that, as a reader, he felt as though the source material had also ended when the anime finished. He feels weird since the manga serialization is still ongoing even after the anime’s ending. He also said that it’s too long for him to follow American dramas until the end recently when they have Season 2, 3, and 4. He even mentioned young people’s lifestyle; his assumption is that they are occupied with social media and have no time, so he feels that one cour is enough. He also added that he would have happily kept drawing Kakushigoto if it could have been sold more, and it was revealed that the anime adaptation of Kakushigoto extended the manga’s life from the 10th volume to the 12th.

When it comes to the quality of the anime, episode direction and balancing surprised him, and it was too good that it made him question “Have I drawn this wonderful story?”. In the interview, he pointed out as a tough thing that he set “don’ts”, which restrained himself from using topics such as dirty jokes, to maintain the work’s concept and not to stay it out of “daily life”. It’s noteworthy that it came out of his mouth “I’m not going to lie. Don’t care about the manga, please watch the anime.” and he praised the anime’s director, Murano Yuuta, that his passion and control for the heat are second to none in his age.

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