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Kakushigoto Episode 11 Screenshots, Synopsis, Staff

(Thumbnail via TV Anime Kakushigoto Official Website)

TV Anime Kakushigoto released screenshots, synopsis, and staff of the 11th episode on the official website.

Episode 11 “Saishukai: The Last Chapter Doesn’t Bother Her” Synopsis

One night, Hime tells Kakushi that she wants to have a family meeting and it flusters him. We don’t have a meeting room in our house, so let’s make one first, he replies. Not wanting to disappoint her by saying that it would be just the two of them talking to each other and not really a family meeting, he has trouble coming up with a response. The next day, Hime hears at school that a meeting can be made without a meeting room, and Riko recommends a water cooler meeting. And thus, the members of “Meguro-gawa Tantei Jimusho” start looking for a natural water supplier, a well, to hold a meeting.

TL Note: Riko recommends “Idobata Kaigi“, which literally means a meeting being held at a well. People used to enjoy chatting while doing housework such as washing their clothes there. Today, it just refers to talks that people have between their household chores such as shopping. Hime and her friends take it in the literal sense and go to find a real well.

Notice: The Episode Title “Saishukai: The Last Chapter Doesn’t Bother Her” is official.


Script Writer: Aoshima Takashi
Story Board Artist: Daichi Akitaro
Episode Director: Matsuo Shinpei
Animation Director: Matsumoto Tomoyuki, Kondou Yuuji


Kakushigoto is available on Funimation (Banner image via Kodansha Comics)

Via – TV Anime “Kakushigoto” Official Website

Via – Kakushigoto: My Dad’s Secret Ambition -Kodansha Comics

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