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Kakushigoto Episode 10 Screenshots, Synopsis, Staff

(Thumbnail via TV Anime Kakushigoto Official Website)

TV Anime Kakushigoto released information about the 10th episode on the official website; screenshots, synopsis, and a list of staff.

Episode 10 “”I”S (Izu)” Synopsis

Goto Pro faces Year-End Progression. Assuming that they will be able to take time off from New Year’s Day if they finish the task ahead which is expected to be completed for the beginning of the new year, they try to work on one with a further deadline. That being said, Kakushi tells “I have trouble stockpiling drawing” and makes little progress. “In the first place, manga artists couldn’t apply for a long trip!” he turns around and defends himself, however, there is a major cause behind his declaration. It’s because manga artists always fall sick on their days off. Then, Hime “prays to a deity” for his recovery from being bedridden.

Notice: The Episode Title is official.


Script Writer: Aoshima Takashi
Story Board Artist: Royden B, Matsuo Shinpei
Episode Director: Ogata Shou(?)
Animation Director: Nishide Ayaka, Hattori Masumi, Sakurai Konomi
Note: The name with (?) is not confirmed how to read.


Kakushigoto is available on Funimation (Banner image via Kodansha Comics)

Via – TV Anime Kakushigoto Official Website

Via – Kakushigoto: My Dad’s Secret Ambition -Kodansha Comics

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