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Kaguya-sama Love is War S2 Episode 10 Screenshots, Synopsis, Staff, Seiyuu Reactions

(Thumbnail Via TV Anime Kaguya-sama Love is War S2 Official Website)

TV Anime Kaguya-sama Love is War S2 released basic information about the 10th episode on the official website. Let’s check episode titles, synopsis, and so on.

Notice: No translation is official in this article.

Episode Title

Shirogane Kei can’t talk”
Shirogane Miyuki wants to dance”
Osaragi Kobachi wants to crack down on them”
“The Shirogane Father wants to dig it up”


Although the study skill of Shirogane is second to none, he isn’t very good at dancing. And so he has the third hard training with Fujiwara for Sports’ Festival. However, it’s said that even a holy person like Buddha would get upset the third time you ridicule him. Shirogane‘s incompetence puts Fujiwara out of patience, and she leaves with anger. Yet, when he still keeps practicing silently on his own, Kaguya appears and ends up giving a lesson. But Fujiwara returns to see how he is doing, and a battle breaks out between them over their policies of instruction! So, which does turn out to be the better teacher?


Script Writer: Sugawara Yukie
Story Board Artist: Toshiko Tomiko, Ohara Masakazu
Episode Director: Kikuchi Takayuki
General Animation Director: Yakou Hiroshi
Animation Director: Saitou Junichi, Ishikawa Youichi

Voice Actor Reaction

Suzuki Ryota, the voice actor of Ishigami Yuu: I guess it’s like Osaragi-san’s glasses work as a one-way mirror? ┏◎-◎┓ (TL Note: Check one of the screenshots.)

Suzushiro Sayumi, the voice actress of Shirogane Kei: Baaan! (TL Note: Check one of the screenshots. The SFX is used in the background to emphasize Shirogane Kei‘s existence.)


Via – Suzuki Ryota Official Twitter Account

Via – Suzushiro Sayumi Official Twitter Account

Via – Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? Official Website

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