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Kaguya-sama S2: ED Theme Song CD Jacket Reveals!

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The Ending theme song of Kaguya-sama Love is War S2, Kaze ni Fukarete (lit: As The Wind Blows Us) by Fukuhara Haruka, will be released on June 24, 2020 as a CD single in three editions; Normal Edition, First Press Limited Edition, and Limited Time Limited Edition.

Both of the limited editions compile a DVD as follows.
First Press Limited Edition; Kaze ni Fukarete Music Video and Documentary.
Limited Time Limited Edition; Kaze ni Fukarete Music Video and the Anime’s Ending Video.

The anime’s dual protagonists, Shirogane Miyuki and Shinomiya Kaguya, make the cover of the limited time limited edition, whose illustration was newly drawn for the CD single. They spend time together under the same, starry sky. They see, however, different things. Shirogane focuses on and develops a conversation about stars shining afar. Meanwhile, Shinomiya‘s eyes are locked on him sitting close to her.

Kaguya-sama Love is War Season 2 Ending Theme Song “Kaze ni Fukarete” Limited Time Limited Edition CD Jacket

The song is written and composed by Ogura Shinquo, and arranged by Umehara Arata. It is available in full-length form on Fukuhara Haruka Official YouTube Channel. The singer, Fukuhara Haruka, also plays a role in the show as Koyasu Tsubame.

Via – Kaguya-sama Love is War Official Site

Via – Kaguya-sama Love is War Official Twitter Page

Via – Fukuhara Haruka Official YouTube Channel

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