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Kakushigoto: 12-Page Bonus Manga For BD/DVD Volume 1

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The first volume of TV Anime “Kakushigoto” Blu-ray&DVD will be released on June 26 with a 12-page manga, which is newly drawn by the author, Kumeta Kouji, as a First Press Bonus. “[The bonus manga] will please fans of Zetsubou Sensei as well!” the official twitter account says.

The official account also revealed sample images of the bonus manga. The story develops as follows:

Kobu Silvia, the head of Meguro-gawa Tantei Jimusho, declares that one of the members is an adult, the “culprit” of causing the situation that their office’s resolution rate for cases is too high. Tomi Hina doubts that by recalling cases and none of them have been solved. Goto Hime doesn’t remember any of them, even reading a case file doesn’t work. Thereafter, she addresses her opinion: That the cases are no longer bothering means they are settled down. Kitsuchi Riko, however, swallows what Kobu Silvia asserts: One of them is an adult. She watches Conan and assumes that a children’s detective group always has a member who looks like a child on the outside, but an adult on the inside. As she belongs to the school’s Disciplinary Committee, she doesn’t overlook the “injustice” of the person pretending to be a child. And then, Kobu Silvia suggests an idea that they ask someone who is good at drawing to show how they will look like when they turn into adults. It gives Goto Hime a sense of foreboding.

Kakushigoto Official Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/kakushigoto_pr/status/1261846147653607425
Kakushigoto Official Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/kakushigoto_pr/status/1261846147653607425

TV Anime “Kakushigoto” Blu-ray&DVD Volume 1
Release Date: June 26, 2020
Price: Blu-ray ¥13,000 + Tax / DVD ¥10,800 + Tax
Contents: Episode 1~4 + Bonus Movies (Non-Credit Opening & Ending)
First Press Edition Bonus:
・A 12-page newly drawn manga by the author, Kumeta Kouji
・A Sleeve Case newly drawn by the character designer, Yamamoto Shuhei
・A Booklet

Kakushigoto Official Website https://kakushigoto-anime.com/bddvd/

Via – “Kakushigoto” TV Anime Official Twitter Account

Via – “Kakushigoto” Official Website

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