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Kaguya-Sama Season 2 OP Theme By Masayuki Suzuki MV Got Over 10 Million Views

The Japanese pop singer Masayuki Suzuki’s 40th single song “DADDY! DADDY! DO! feat. Airi Suzuki” is the opening theme for the ongoing spring 2020 TV anime Kaguya-sama: Love is War Second Season. The official music video for the song was uploaded on YouTube on the same day as the anime’s first episode premiere in Japan, the music video immediately viewed over one million times in its first two days.

Masayuki Suzuki’s Message.
I’m Masayuki Suzuki, a big newcomer in the Anison world. I am very surprised that the music video of the latest single “DADDY! DADDY! DO! feat. Airi Suzuki” released on YouTube has exceeded 10 million views. It seems that you are listening to this song not only in Japan but also overseas. In the comment, “Isn’t it Presley’s son? Above all, I’m more than happy that it was written. Thank you to all the fans who have been supporting Masayuki Suzuki for a long time, and to all the fans of the anime “Kaguya-sama I want to tell you”. Also, I see lots of overseas people uploading cover videos, and I enjoy it every time. I think it’s a great honor to have this song loved all over the world. Although the severe situation continues with the new coronavirus, let’s listen to this song and raise Motivation to overcome this difficulty together.

Airi Suzuki’s Message.
Reproduce 10 million times of MV!! I am very happy! !! I read the comment section of YouTube well, and my habit is “I’m lying.” (laughs) I saw a lot of song covers and posts I tried dancing. Thank you ^^ I want to thank you for singing with Masayuki Suzuki and for being able to meet everyone in the Kaguya-sama family, and I want to continue singing and dancing in a funky and lovely way so that I can continue to defeat everyone in the Kaguya-sama family. I think!

The Official japanese Statement

You can watch the Official Music Video and see the official CD jacket for the song below.

The Official CD Jacket Illustration
Official Music Video

Source: Dwango News Japan

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