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Kakushite Makina-san Anime Adaptation Announced for 2025

Kakushite Makina-san, an erotic comedy manga series by Yoshimi Sato, is getting an anime adaptation, which will air in 2025. A teaser visual has been released as part of the announcement.

Kakushite Makina-san anime – Teaser Visual

The manga was first serialized in Futabasha’s Monthly Action from October 2022 to February 2024 and was then moved to Futabasha’s Web Comic Action in April 2024 after the original magazine stopped publication. As of this writing, there are three volumes of the manga currently out.

Kakushite! Makina-san!! – Volume 3 Manga Cover, indicating anime adaptation announcement

Kakushite Makina-san follows the story of Makina Agatsuma, a beloved school idol, as she moves in with Eita Akutsu, a reserved enthusiast of all things mechanical. Eita, who has long concealed his affection for her, believes his luck has turned. However, he soon discovers Makina is not what she seems—she’s actually a robot designed for intimate purposes. As Eita scrambles to protect Makina’s true identity, a romantic relationship forms between them.

Aside from Kakushite! Makina-san!!, Yoshimi Sato’s other works include Fumikiri Jikan (2016), Transistor Teaset: Denki Gairozu (2008), Dysmatopia (2011), Inga Ouhou!!? Warumiko-san (2016), Tetsugaku-san to Kiben-kun (2015), and With Liz (2007).

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