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Kujima Utaeba Ie Hororo Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

Kujima Utaeba Ie Hororo, a comedy manga series by Akira Konno, is getting an anime adaptation, as announced following the release of the fifth volume on May 10. No other details about the anime’s format have been released as of this writing.

Kujima Utaeba Ie Hororo anime – Announcement Visual

The manga, written and illustrated by Konno, was serialized in Shogakukan’s Monthly Shonen Sunday which ran from September 2021 to April 2014. It has five volumes, with the first one released in April 2022. The recently-announced fifth volume is the final collection released from the series.

Kujima Utaeba Ie Hororo, which translates as If Kujima Sings, the House Gurgles; follows the story of Arata Kouda as he encounters Kujima, an odd avian-like creature. Due to Kujima’s hunger, Arata extends an invitation to bring it home. However, due to his older brother’s failure in entrance exams, Kujima overstays his welcome at the Kouda household.

Kujima Utaeba Ie Hororo – Volume 5 Visual

The manga was nominated for the 2022 Next Manga Award under the print manga category, and was also nominated in the 2023 edition of Takarajimasha’s Kono Manga ga Sugoi! list of best manga for male readers.

Following the Kujima Utaeba Ie Hororo anime adaptation announcement, Konno drew a special illustration commemorating the announcement:

Kujima Utaeba Ie Hororo anime – Special Visual from Akira Konno

Source: Monthly Shonen Sunday
© Akira Konno/Shogakukan Inc.

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