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Kamen Rider FUUTO PI Unveils 2 New Key Visuals

The upcoming Kamen Rider anime FUUTO PI unveiled 2 new key visuals. The series will premiere in Summer 2022 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Kamen Rider! What’s more, Studio KAI (Super Cub) will be producing the series.

Key Visual #1


Yousuke Kabashima will be directing the series at Studio KAI along with assistant director, Ayataka Tanemura. In addition, Tatsuto Higuchi will be in charge of the series composition while Sei Komatsubara will be supervising the script. Hidekazu Ebina will be the chief animation director and a character designer for the show.

Additionally, Funimation has licensed the series in North America.

Key Visual #2

Fuuto PI Manga

The Japanese manga series, Fuuto PI, is a sequel to the Kamen Rider W television series. Moreover, Riku Sanjo wrote the series that’s illustrated by Masaki Sato.

In case you don’t know what Fuuto PI is about, Weekly Big Comic Spirits describes the story as:

Small happiness, great misfortune, the town where the wind always blows… Futo. Shotaro Hidari and Philip work together in Narumi Detective Agency, solving various cases and bringing happiness to the people of this “windy city”.

Studio KAI

Studio KAI is a Japanese animation studio based in Suginami-ku and established in 2019. They have also produced the anime series Super Cub and Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2. In addition, the studio has a vision of continuing to deliver “dreams” to people involved in the animations they produce.

Source: Kamen Rider Official Website
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