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Kito Akari Joins The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated Cast

Voice actress Kito Akari will join the cast of The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated anime in the 14th episode. She will play the role of “strange shine” in the upcoming episode.

Kito Akari

Kito Akari may have a mysterious minor role in Jahy-sama anime, but is known for her roles as Kamado Nezuko (Demon Slayer), Yuzaki Tsukasa (Tonikaku Kawaii), and more. This season she is voicing Karen in the boxing anime Kimi to Fit Boxing. Kito belongs to the talent agency Pro-Fit.

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The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated

Konbu Wakame has been serializing the manga in Square Enix’s monthly magazine Gangan Joker since 2017. The 8th volume of the manga will be on sale on December 22, 2021.

Square Enix licensed the manga in English and describes the plot of Volume 1 as:

The Great Jahy, the Dark Realm’s second-in-command, cuts a frightening figure, feared and revered by all. But when a run-in with a magical girl results in the destruction of the precious mana crystal, the Dark Realm falls, transporting the newly tiny and powerless Jahy to the human world! Unfortunately, plotting the revival of the Dark Realm from a cramped, crumbling one-room apartment is no easy feat when you have rent to pay and a job to keep!

Square Enix

Source: Comic Natalie©Wakame Konbu/SQUARE ENIX
©昆布わかめ/SQUARE ENIX・「ジャヒー様はくじけない!」製作委員会

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