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Konosuba: Fantastic Days Mobile Game Now Available Globally

A month ago, the pre-registration for the mobile game Konosuba: Fantastic Days finally opened globally. And on August 19, 2020, the mobile game became officially available to download for iOS, as well as Android devices.

You can download the mobile game on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Nexon is in charge of the development, and the game had its release in Japan back in February 2020.

Konosuba: Fantastic Days

The game features a fully-voiced original story and is described as:

A Spectacular Anime RPG brimming with fantasy, laughter, and EXPLOSIONS!
KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is here to transport you to another world.

You have been summoned, brave traveler, to a world threatened by the Devil King’s army in the first KonoSuba mobile game ever to be released globally. The journey may be long and perilous, but do not fear! You won’t be going empty-handed…joining your party will be all the KonoSuba characters you know and love, along with some fresh new faces.

Embark on your adventure, and rescue the realm from the forces of evil! Although, when it comes to Aqua, you may have to do most of the rescuing yourself…especially against those pesky giant toads.

Fantastic Days await you!

What’s more, is that the same voice actors will also be voicing the characters in-game.


– Kazuma, a brave shut-in turned adventurer. (CV: Fukushima Jun)
– Aqua, a beautiful and useless goddess. (CV: Amamiya Sora)
– Megumin, the #1 explosion fanatic of Axel. (CV: Takahashi Rie)
– Darkness, a noble crusader that’s absolutely unhinged. (CV: Kayano Ai)
– & more

And now that we finally get hands-on with the game, let’s see how Kazuma and the gang’s adventure will continue inside the game.

The gameplay is very similar to Princess Connect: ReDive mobile game only having a difference in being able to select a single target. The story also features new characters as well as original events. What’s more, is that every player will be given a chance to pull 10 times for free!

Even in-game, the characters are so hilarious! Konosuba fans will absolutely love this game. More importantly, you can still enjoy the game even if you haven’t watched the anime series yet. I totally recommended this game!

Source: Official Website & Twitter
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