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Review: Konosuba: Love for These Clothes of Desire

The newest visual novel the set in the Konosuba universe, Konosuba! God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Love for These Clothes of Desire will launch on Steam on February 8. It is the 5th official game from the Konosuba franchise, which started with a light novel of the same title. We got the chance to play the game early thanks to PQube, and oh boy, was it entertaining!

Konosuba! God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Love for These Clothes of Desire throws the player into a new story with all the Konosuba characters fans know and love. Kazuma and his party find a black tablet that lets them craft clothes given they have a recipe to make them.

All would be good and dandy if not for some noble that accused them of stealing his property and giving them an ultimatum, banishment from the town of Axel, or making clothes he tells them he wants. Seems simple right? Not really.

A mysterious person keeps delivering them recipes for the clothes. Whenever they fulfill the request, something happens and the noble accuses them of theft again, so they have to keep crafting clothes until they find the culprit behind the whole situation.

The premise sounds boring, but there’s a twist! The tablet is cursed and mirrors one of the party members’ desires whenever they craft the clothes they were ordered to.

With the sadist Darkness, Megumin happy for having a petite body, and Kazuma soothing his friends whenever they need it, a lot of funny moments can happen!

Although the game is a visual novel, it contains gameplay elements. Since crafting clothes requires materials, we can send our party on quests and errands that earn them eris (money with which they can buy missing materials) and various loot that can be used to craft the outfits.

Apart from that, people from the town hear the news of the party making clothes, and Kazuma receives additional requests that can be fulfilled for rewards. Additionally, completing requests unlocks more ways for our party to earn the materials they need. Each outfit also gives us an entirely new visual novel segment with one of the female characters from the cast wearing them.

The game has 10 endings, depending on who we visit during Kazuma’s free time, and who we decide to make clothes for. If we choose one ending, it’s easy to keep track of if we are making correct decisions cause we simply have to fill the affection bar of the character, who we want the ending to get.

As for the game itself, I have to say it works great as a fanservice for Konosuba fans as the original cast from the anime came all together and voiced all of the characters. The way all of the characters act might make you think you are just watching another anime arc since their behavior and style of talking are, in my opinion, the same as in the show. Getting to see all the characters in the outfits we can make for them offers some eye candy for the player.

The art in the game is very good as the style from the anime is retained. As for music, there’s nothing special, just your standard visual novel’esq soundtrack to make sure something is playing in the background. As for technicalities, the system requirements are very low and every computer should be able to run the game.

I’ve played the game on my Steam Deck and it ran without any problems. The only issues I could find on that side were the fact there’s no full screen on PC and for some reason, the chapter transitions screens get cut before you can finish reading them.

All in all, if you love Konosuba you’ll surely like the Love for Those Clothes of Desire game, the same voice acting cast, great characters that play off of each other insanely well, and the great comedy moments the franchise is known for. If I were to give this game a score it would be a solid 7/10. It might not be for everyone, but if you are a Konosuba fan you’ll surely enjoy your time. If you are going for one of the 10 endings, you can easily finish the game in 5-6 hours, however, getting all endings should take you around 12-15 hours depending on your reading speed.

Konosuba: Love For These Clothes of Desire is a visual novel developed by MAGES and published by PQube. You can buy the game on February 8, 2024, on Steam for PC or in various stores for Nintendo Switch and PS4.

© MAGES. Published by PQube Ltd. © 2019 N・K/K/KMP

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