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Pon no Michi Anime Series Blu-ray Announced

The Pon no Michi anime series announced its Blu-ray on Sunday consisting of two volumes. The first will contain episodes 1-6 while the second will contain episodes 7-12. And let me tell you why that’s a good thing. We live in an age where humanity is pretty worked up about AI. It’s stealing art, it’s stealing music, its’ lewding us, it “tok er jubs”, and one day it’s going to rise and enslave us all. But the truth is we’ll take ourselves out long before that. How? Antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses that are immune to our medications. Before long, we’ll be back to “There’s a splinter in my finger. Best say bye to everyone I know.” So, how do we combat this? Well, clean living and a good hearth. And you know what promotes clean living and laughter? A good slice of life. And do you know what’s a good currently airing slice of life? Well, Pon no Michi!

Fans can check out the

While each store will have its own exclusive varying from towels, tapestries, acrylic stands, and storage boxes, all Blu-ray orders will include limited edition merchandise. These include a sleeve, a special booklet, a postcard and case artwork made by original character designer Negi Haruba (sleeve case) and Kenji Oota (tall case). . Early reservations also include a Chombo acrylic key chain. As for the limited edition merchandise, what you get depends on where you buy. Amazon (JP), Gamers, Sofmap/Animega, Animate, and the mail orders will all include something different. The price of Pon no Michi Blu-rays will set you back a cool ¥19,800 (~133 USD), but if that keeps you safe from super-bacteria, why not splurge as your life depends on it?

Pon no Michi is animated by studio OLM and follows the life of Nashiko Jippensha, who’s too boisterous for her own good. And because of that, she gets temporarily kicked out of her house. She convinces her dad to let her use his closed mahjong pallor as her secret hideout. As she slowly gets into the game (with the help of a magic bird), other mahjong aficionados enter the fray, and hilarity ensues.

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