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Konosuba Pop-up Shop To Open In Akihabara

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This isn’t for our Konosuba fans who live in Japan. No, they are probably busy navigating through the weeb paradise and reading all the existing manga as they play with their figures, body pillows and stuff we can hardly even fathom from the outside. This is information for all of us who can just admire it from afar for now as we plan to one day visit or even move there (full image of the thumbnail is near the bottom).

To get to the point, a new project called Konosuba! Pop-up shop is going to open on the seventh floor of Volks Akihabara Hobby Heaven. There will be no admission, and it will last from August 29 to September 13, 2020. It will feature more than 300 production materials, such as scene shots and various settings, as well as goods like tapestries and T-shirts which will be on sale. 

Products of Konosuba Pop-up Shop
Some of the goods of Konosuba Pop-up Shop

For each purchase of 2,000 yen (tax included), the customers get to participate in a lottery for a chance to win an acrylic panel of Aqua or Megumin and a prize hologram card (4 random types).

Sample images of acrylic images of Aqua and Megumin
Samples of the acrylic panels of Aqua and Megumin
A sample image of hologram cards for the Konosuba Pop-up shop
Samples of the hologram cards

Not to forget the reason you’re probably here. One of the most recent illustrations meant to help publicize the event is a wholesome depiction of Aqua and Megumin dressed in bunny suits.

An illustration of Aqua and Megumin in bunny suits
Illustration for the event Konosuba! Pop-up Shop

You can find more of the products that will be on sale on the sourced event site. One of the more interesting ones (to me) is a clear file featuring YunYun.

Red Legend Clear File B from the store site

Source: Event’s Website

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