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Oricon Chart For Music Albums Sales

Ever wonder how your favorite Japanese artist’s newly released album is doing? Well, you can always check the Oricon Chart for its ranking!

This week in the weekly top 5 album spots are:

  1. STRAY SHEEP – Yonezu Kenshi (251,697 copies sold)
  2. V – My First Story (11,981 copies sold)
  3. Starry Line -Argonavis (7,482 copies sold)
  4. Traveler – Official Hige Dandism (7,263 copies sold)
  5. MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~THE JOURNEY~ – BTS (4,422 copies sold)

This week’s ranking is very interesting. What surprised me the most about this ranking is that Argonavis’s album is third. Despite the game release date being pushed back until spring of 2021 and the lack of content that the group is getting recently, the album sale is doing very well. I’ve listened to all the songs in the new Argonavis album and I actually liked them a lot. Compared to all the other artists and groups on that top 5 ranking, I would say that Argonavis is the lesser known group. But to be able to compete in album sales with the other popular artists means that Argonavis has a really strong fanbase! Congratulations to Argonavis for ranking third on the Oricon Chart!

What are your thoughts on this week’s ranking? If you haven’t checked out the albums yet, I would suggest that you do; that way you can see for yourself why these albums have the ranks that they do!

Source: Oricon Chart Weekly Album Rankings, AASide Game Update

Article written by neru.

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