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Japan Introduces Moe Characters To Fight Global Warming

The Japanese Ministry of The Environment has introduced 2 official moe characters, Kimino Ima and Kimino Mirai, in an attempt to teach younger generations about global warming. The official Twitter account of the ministry posted the introduction on August 21st.

Tweet from the JP Ministry of The Environment, the image was used as thumbnail for the article

“Ima” means “Now” or “Present”, while “Mirai” means “Future”. “Kimi no” means “Your”, so their names basically stand for “Your Present” and “Your Future“. Ima is sloppy and unhealthy. Her favorite food is ice cream and she is not interested in saving or being eco-friendly. Mirai, on the other hand, is cool and intelligent. She is a bright and caring sister type who knows about global warming and its countermeasures. The two are actually the same person, but Mirai comes from a parallel “Cool World” to teach Ima the Cool Choices and help her change for the better.

Ima and Mirai’s daily life shows the usual casual and trivial actions that we take for granted, such as room temperature control during air conditioning and heating. They show the most Earth-friendly choices for our daily lives through series of videos on the COOL CHOICE website.

Although the characters were reintroduced, they’ve actually been around for a while now. Here’s one of their first YouTube videos from 2017:

From the COOL CHOICE YouTube Channel

The main goal of the website and YouTube channel is to convey the measures against global warming mainly to young people by teaching them the “Cool Choices”.

Source: JP Ministry of The Enviroment Twitter, COOL CHOICE YouTube Channel and website

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