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Plastic Model Store Hits The Road With A Mobile Truck

The COVID-19 Pandemic has destroyed a lot of businesses in the whole world, especially in Japan. That also includes the Plastic Model kits Shop in Nara. With the shop being closed because of the on-going pandemic, the owners are finding new and creative way to bring the business back!

The owner had decided to make his business go hit the road by a “Mobile” truck! Sadly, It is not a “Mobile Suit“, But the whole shop is now mobile! With plastic model kits from different anime, games, franchises, being sold from the truck! The mobile shop stops at any locations around Nara, then the owner tweets his current location.

The store owner did also write in his tweet that he wasn’t sure if anyone would buy anything. Thankfully parents came with their children because the “Mobile Shop” was close by. Ever since then, the mobile shop has gained a lot of attention on social media.

The name of the shop is Hobby Shop Mega Doc, and if you love plastic models you can check their official Twitter for more inquires. They also started online sales on their official website.

Source: HSMD Manager Twitter

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