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Konosuba Season 3 Episode 2 - A Royal Dinner Party

If Konosuba Season 3 episode 2 can teach us anything, it’s that the monarchy is overrated. What does true equality look like in 2024? Being able to tell the ruling class to sod off. Like him or not, Donald Trump had the right idea when he waltzed into Windsor Castle, looked at the queen, told her “Omae wa mou shindeiru,” and walked in front of her with zero regard for etiquette.


Picking off where we left off last week, Lalatina is still desperately trying to get Kazuma to turn down an invitation from Princess Iris. To be fair to our loved masochist, Kazuma is as refined as crude oil. If the Konosuba characters were food, Lalatina would be toro from a bluefin tuna and Kazuma would be fried tilapia. Fancy and him don’t mix. But despite all her pleas and warnings, Kazuma and the other girls are adamant. And after a quick stop by Wiz’s shop to debut his lighters, the party sets off for their dinner party with royalty. (Word to the wise, if you’re ever isekai’d, don’t try to make fancy things. Instead, make small items that help a lot around the house; you’ll be rich.)

God Save the Future Queen

As the group meets the princess, it goes over as well as you’d imagine. Aqua tries to pull out her party tricks, Megumin tries to present herself A La Crimson Demon, and Kazuma stares until he’s told off. But, despite all the misgivings, the dinner continues and Kazuma regales Princess Iris with extravagant tales of his adventures. He even embellishes his previous life as a NEET by boasting that he defended his home against marauders and pillagers from far and wide. All is well until one of Iris’ guards asks to see Kazuma’s adventurer card.

To say he’s reluctant is an understatement, but there’s a reason for his objection. The skills he’s racked up would be problematic to divulge. After all, a decent person isn’t befriending demons or getting bad-touched by chimeras. That’s not something you can talk about in polite society. But due to his refusal, the princess calls him a liar—a ruffian, no-good dirty scalawag. And when he objects and raises his voice, he’s set upon by one of the guards, forcing Lalatina to amicably intervene.

But since the princess digs her heels in and continues to slander Kazuma’s nonexistent good name, Lalatina lets out the wrath of god and slaps her across the face. And not just any slap, mind you. It was the kind of slap that would make Kat Williams go “Dayum!” Moved by what he sees, Kazuma decides to prove the princess wrong by showing one of her guards how he defeated the vaunted hero, but instead of stealing the guard’s sword, he steals her underwear, which still accomplishes the job.

Konosuba season 3 episode 2 – Wrap Up

Having proven their name and being gushed at by the princess and her guards, the gang wishes them a heartfelt goodbye and expresses their wishes to see them all again. But as the princess and the guards teleport back to the castle, Iris reaches out, grabs Kazuma, and takes him along. The poor dude managed to get kidnapped by an actual kid. Goes to show that if there are two things you don’t trust in this world, it’s people in power and gas station burritos. And with that Konosuba season 3 episode 2 ends.

Lalatina’s VA (Ai Kayano) carried this episode because that voice acting was insane. Seriously, you can dub all of Lalatina’s noises over Vancouver’s “Maraschino.” And you’d still have the exact same song. What’s shown in the background is often as important as what’s the focus of the scene. Konosuba always manages to not so subtly place the most dramatic expression in whoever is in the background to flourish the stupidity that’s in the main scene. Seriously, if you have a bad day and need to get absolutely smashed, put on an episode of Konosuba, and when anyone makes a silly face, you take a shot. You’ll be waking up in another world soon after.

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