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Kotonoha From School Days to Debut as a VTuber

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We all know the infamous School Days anime back from 2007. It was pretty widely known due to its very questionable plot and very gruesome ending. It was an adaptation of a visual novel that was even more brutal. To be honest the anime ending wasn’t much compared to the game. Thanks to that no one would expect Kotonoha Katsura, one of the main heroines, to debut as a VTuber. Official Overflow Twitter account tweeted out that Kotonoha will have her first stream on Christmas Eve! Let’s hope it will be wholesome and won’t take a dark turn like the anime or the game.

Tweet about the Kotonoha debut from official Overflow Twitter account

Not only that, but the Overflow answered to one of the questions saying that it might be more than just a one time thing!

Overflow’s answer to one of the questions below their tweet

More detail about the stream will be revealed at a later date on Overflow’s Twitter account. Let’s hope that Kotonoha Katsura’s debut as a VTuber will be a successful one! Maybe it will be the beginning of anime characters becoming VTubers? We can only hope for that to happen.

Source: Official Overflow Twitter account

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