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Kyoto Animation Reboots Their "Creators' Diary" Blog

Kyoto Animation announced the comeback of their blog today, September 1st 2020! The blog, called “Creators’ Diary,” will serve for the staff to directly post about shows, production sites, etc. They want to make the content even more interesting for the fans and to let them enjoy it on a deeper level.

They already ran the blog where they wrote about their employees’ work stories and personal lives before. It was very active (nearly daily posts) for almost 2 decades, but they had to make it unavailable after the incident on July 18, 2019. The new announcement also reads:

“We will continue to create works and deliver animations that foster dreams, hopes and excitement to everyone around the world.”

They also said that the “Violet Evergarden The Movie” date is approaching. Its premiere is on September 18, and it will be their first release in a year. Their last work was the last “Violet Evergarden” movie from September 6 of last year.

In the end, they said the production of “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S” is steadily progressing. They also thanked the fans for the continued support of the Creators’ Diary.

It’s so exciting to see Kyoto Animation back in action, and we can’t wait to see their work again!

[Source: Sakuga Blog, Kyoto Animation Official Website]

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