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Mizuha Kuraoka Returning From Hiatus

On September 1, 2020, it was announced on the Youtube-Showroom broadcast “22/7 Time for Live Broadcasting Vol.3 ~Wishing you late-summer greetings” that Mizuha Kuraoka will be returning to 22/7 after barely half a year of hiatus.

Her hiatus was announced on February 24, 2020, right before the release of their 5th single entitled, “Muzui.”. Mizuha is thanking all of her fans for the continuous support for the group despite her absence. She is also sorry for the inconvenience and anxiety she has caused to the fans. Her activities within the group will resume on September 20, 2020.

About 22/7

22/7 (nanabun no nijyuuni) is a Japanese digital idol and voice actors project. Its described as “Idols Who Cross Dimensions.”. This group was produced by the record producer, lyricist, and television writer Yasushi Akimoto in collaboration with Aniplex and Sony Music Records. The members consist of Chiharu Hokazae, Sally Amaki, Nagomi Saijou, Mizuha Kuraoka, Uta Kawase, Kanae Shirosawa, Reina Miyase, Ruri Umino, Moe Suzuhana, Urara Takatsuji, Aina Takeda. The voice actresses mentioned provide the voice and motion for their characters.

Source: Official 22/7 website

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