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LiSA Releases MV for Demon Slayer Mugen Train Theme Song "Akeboshi"

On November 8, singer LiSA uploaded on her official YouTube channel a music video of Akeboshi, the opening theme song for the ongoing TV anime Demon Slayer Mugen Train.

As of writing this article, the video has over 300 thousand views on the platform, so it’s only a matter of time before it reaches the 1 million milestone like her song for the Sword Art Online the movie Progressive, “Yuke”. The SAO song achieved the milestone within only 3 days.

The singer tweeted her excitement on the upload saying “The moment always excites me.” The tweet also describes LiSA’s Akeboshi as a song “of entitled feelings, and hopes and curses”. The release for the CD package is set for November 17. It also includes Shirogane, the ending theme song for the anime which LiSA performs as well.

On the same day, Demon Slayer revealed a jacket illustration for the CD’s limited edition. It bundles a DVD package of both the opening and ending themes for the TV anime Demon Slayer Mugen Train.

LiSA’s Akeboshi and Shirogane will receive a limited edition.

You can watch the music video for LiSA’s Akeboshi below:

Source: Official Twitter, Official Twitter, Official Website

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