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Log Horizon Destruction of the Round Table Episode 1 Review

So, the winter 2021 season has finally started, and what is the best way to start it? By watching the return of the classic Isekai, Log Horizon. 7 years after the end of the second season, it is finally back with a new animation studio, a new opening, and a new title!

Log Horizon Destruction of the Round Table has finally been released! Fans of the show are now hyped after the first episode. We finally get to see the gang back together, especially our lovable main character, Shiroe. The first episode started where the second season ended, with all the leaders of each district having a serious meeting at the round table about the disappearance of the other players in Akiba.

The episode also highlights the upcoming problems they have to face in the upcoming arc. Studio Deen also did an amazing job of animating it. Well, at first a lot of fans of the series were scared because of what happened with the third season of Seven Deadly Sins that Studio Deen was in charge of. This time, however, they nailed the animation. The opening sequence was especially good. Speaking of the opening, unfortunately, it is not the iconic “DATABASE” by Man with a Mission anymore.

You can watch the official music video for the opening here

DATABASE may be gone but Different by Band-Maid is also an amazing opening! I might even go as far as saying that this can be an opening of the season. This is the first time that Band-Maid was featured in an opening theme for an anime! Opening aside the ending theme is also good, again, it is not the iconic Yun*chi but it is still a great ending song for the upcoming arc!

Of course! The voice cast is still the same, but the animation did get better a little bit. Let’s hope that the animation stays awesome throughout the season! The first episode ended with a cliffhanger of what’s to come. The first episode is basically a start-up for the upcoming arc we are about to see! Seeing our old favorite characters in Episode 1 is a real nostalgia trip! If you have seen the anime and cannot wait for the next episode don’t worry because episode 2 will be released on January 20.

Episode 2 Preview

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