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Love Live! Superstar!! Promotional Video Released

The promotional video for the upcoming anime, “Love Live! Superstar!!” has been released. Moreover, the video released June 27 features the new idol group called Leilla. Watch the new promotional video below:

Love Live Superstar!! promotional video

The cast for the upcoming series in the Love Live! franchise are as follows:

Sayuri Date as Shibuya Kanon
Liyuu as Tang Keke
Misaki Nako as Chisato Arashi
Naomi Payton as Sumire Heanna
Aoyama Nagisa as Ren Hazuki

Takahiko Kyōgoku, returns as the director of the anime alongside its write, Jukki Hanada. In case you didn’t know, they also worked in some of the previous Love Live! series. Then, Yoshiaki Fujisawa, who worked in the first Love Live! series is the one in charge of the music composition.

In addition, you can check out the key visual:

Love Live Superstar!! key visual

Furthermore, according to the promotional video of “Love Live Superstar!!”, the show will premiere on July 11, 2021. You can also read more details about the upcoming series here in Anime Corner.

For further details about the story, you can Read the Synopsis below:

Yuigaoka Girls High School is a newly established school that lies between the Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama neighborhoods of Tokyo.

The story centers on its first batch of students. With no history, no upperclassmen or alumni, and no reputation, it is a school full of unknowns. Five girls, among them Kanon Shibuya, have a fateful encounter with school idols. Kanon decides, “I love singing. I want to make something come true with song!” Many feelings converge upon a star that has only started to grow.

The future is blank and full of possibility for these girls, and their story that everyone will make possible has only just begun. Soar with your wings, our Love Live!

Likewise, Love Live! Superstar!! is the latest addition to the franchise which first launched in July 2019. There are also three more groups under the school idol project, including the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, Aqours and µ’s.

Source: Love Live! anime official website
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