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Megalo Box 2 Episode 13 Review - Finale

Nomad: Megalo Box 2 has officially reached its finale, and for better or for worse, the series has finished for the time being. The season finale focuses on the fight between Joe and Mac, alongside discussions between Yukiko Shirato and Sakuma Ryugo regarding the future of the BES system.

Regardless, Megalo Box 2 successfully creates a satisfying conclusion that the story led up to the end. Furthermore, I will be explaining the best parts about the series finale and why more people should watch this show.

Megalo Box 2’s Climax

Episode 13 picks up right where the last episode left off, with the fight between Joe and Mac being the show’s primary focus. Interestingly, both Joe and Mac view each other with respect and excitement as they fight at their absolute best.

Joe is wearing the same gear as his good friend Chief and Mac acknowledges the hummingbird symbol on Joe. Additionally, the fight choreography of the climax is very good with strong sound direction and fluid movement throughout the match.

Resolution For Both Joe and Mac’s Journeys

At the end of the series, the fight between Joe and Mac isn’t the critical part of the show, but the character developments they’ve had. When we saw Joe in the first episode of season one, he was an eager young boxer who became champion. Unfortunately, by the beginning of season 2, Joe became a drifting nomad who has lost everything.

Now we see Joe’s development come full circle as he proudly wears the hummingbird gear of Chief with newfound wisdom. Joe has effectively become the hummingbird of the story and acts as a physical guide to Mac’s journey as a nomad from the last episode.

Speaking of Mac, fighting Joe in the ring was all he ever wanted. Now that Mac can fight Joe, he can achieve his dreams and be himself during the match. Both Joe and Mac help each other by fighting one another, healing, and fully completing their character development.

The Soft Conclusion of Megalo Box 2

Although the conclusion to the show is still a happy one, it’s notably softer compared to season one of Megalo Box. The original ending in season one has all of the characters happy as they build gym nowhere for the first time as a new family.

However, the tone of Megalo Box 2 is softer and isn’t as cheerful as the previous season. As a result, the ending feels softer thanks to the credit song and everyone’s story wrapping up. The season didn’t go out with a bang, but it did end the show that fit the show’s overall story.

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