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Megalo Box 2 Episode 9 – Hummingbird And The Nomad

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Megalo Box 2 episode 9 is a sneak-peek of what’s to come for the final arc of the season. Liu is gone from the story due to his injuries in the previous episode. Additionally, Joe and Mac are the main focus, emphasizing the significant iconography around the first few episodes. Hopefully, we are in for an exciting climax that would satisfy fans both old and new.

Megalo Box 2 – Liu’s Current Condition

Liu injured in Megalo Box 2
Liu injured – Image taken from official twitter

As mentioned above, Liu is no longer in boxing due to his injuries from his fight against Mac. Liu’s injuries resulted in paralysis, which prevents him from going any further in his boxing career.

However, this doesn’t stop Liu as he promises Joe that he will continue to figure out how to get back into fighting form to fight him once more. Speaking of Joe, he’s willing to continue believing in Liu despite the latter’s current condition.

Symbolism Of The Anime

Joe looking at Liu at the hospital in Megalo Box 2
Joe looking at Liu at the hospital – image from official twitter

Once again, the hummingbird appears as iconography in the Megalo Box 2 anime. This time, it seems within a children’s book called “The Hummingbird and the Nomad,” which acts as a fun parallel and summary to Joe’s character arc.

Mac reads it to his child at night while a typhoon is about to hit near Gym Nowhere. Similarly, the previous storm wiped Gym Nowhere away years before the events of the anime. The book summarizes Joe’s journey because the book’s character again lost everything before meeting the hummingbird.

The hummingbird is similar to Chief in Megalo Box 2, where it acts as a guide towards the Nomad’s eventual redemption. The anime pairs Mac’s storytelling to Joe and his friends attempting to save Gym Nowhere from being destroyed once again. Successfully, they’re able to keep the gym in one piece from the ravaging storm.

Like the Nomad in the children’s book, Joe thought he had lost everything, but thanks to meeting his hummingbird, Chief, he can have a renewed purpose in his life.

A Possible Return For Gearless Joe?

Joe riding off in the sunset in Megalo Box 2
Joe riding off into the sunset – image from official twitter

The last couple of scenes in Megalo Box 2 episode 9 teases what the final act of the anime will be, a fight between Joe and Mac. Although Joe has yet to accept the challenge, it only makes sense for the battle to happen inevitably. Joe has learned a lot from his time on the road, and Mac has been present since the first episode. Time will tell if Megalo Box 2 can continue the momentum, but hopefully, it will.

Screenshots via official Twitter
Megalobox 2 Official Twitter
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