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Megalo Box 2 Episode 8 - An Unexpected Turn

Episode 8 of Nomad: Megalo Box 2 is out, and it once again delivers numerous twists that happened during its duration. I will be examining this episode differently from previous articles, as I want to focus on three key moments significant to the rest of the series. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this episode as it’s as good as previous entries in the series. Additionally, this feature will have significant spoilers.

Megalo Box 2 – Liu Vs Mac

Liu Punching – Image: Official Twitter

The central conflict during this episode is the match between Liu and Mac. Just like previous episodes of the anime, the fight choreography of the anime remains fantastic. The fight between Liu and Mac is tense, with each punch being thrown out having the intent to knock out the other.

Initially, Liu had the edge against Mac as his faster-fighting style dodged and weaved any punch his opponent threw out. However, Mac eventually adapts to Liu’s fighting strategy and delivers a powerful counterattack during the match. Mac’s counteroffensive during the boxing match causes Liu to go into a coma due to his injuries.

The show doesn’t hold back on its brutality as Liu is in a coma after the fight. The boxing match shows how dangerous Mac is as an opposing boxer for the rest of Megalo Box 2.

Megalo Box 2 – The Weakness Of The BES System

Mikio talking to his sister in Nomad Megalo Box 2 – Image: Official Twitter

During the previous episode, viewers got to see the backstory of Mac and how he became a boxer. Due to a stray bullet to his spine, Mac’s paralyzed before given surgery by ROSCO. Thanks to BES system, Mac is able to fully recover and fight inside the boxing ring once again.

However, the BES system has a side effect inside Mac’s body; it causes degradation in his brain. Repeated usage of “Mac Time” causes abnormal activity in his brain chip. If Mac continues to fight like this, his brain will decay and become similar to a child.

Mac’s degrading mental health will probably become a factor for the rest of the show, especially if Joe is returning to the ring. If Joe wins, then there is a possibility that Mac will have his mind permanently be that of a child due to damage on his brain chip. But if Mac wins, then Joe might be in a coma-like Liu or, worse, be killed.

The Hummingbird Theme Returns

Yuri Watching His Pupil During Training – Image: Official Twitter

The hummingbird theme plays a role in the redemption of Joe as he returns home in Megalo Box 2 episode 8. Although he is slowly recovering, Joe is communicating and rebuilding his friendships with every new episode. As stated back in episode 4 of the series, hummingbirds remind a home to come back.

During his match with Liu, Mac acts similarly to Chief at the beginning of the season, such as praying. However, what’s interesting is that after Mac knocks Liu out during their battle, a spiritual hummingbird is flying around him to reinforce the themes of the show.

The hummingbird returning might imply that Mac has some connection to the immigrants that Joe visited at the beginning of the series. Joe seems to be noticing these connections due to Mac’s similarities to Chief, which makes their possible fight very personal in the future.

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