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Koikimo Episode 9: Feelings Confronted

Koikimo episode 9 is finally out! Following the shocking confession from Tamaru on Valentine’s day, Ichika reflects on her thoughts alone. Thus, the previous episode left us on the part where Ichika seems to realize her true feelings.

To begin with, Ichika asks Tamaru if they could meet up. Then, Tamaru decides what day the two of them should see each other. As for Ichika, she decides on what time and where it is happening. Next thing we have is that the day of their confrontation arrives.

Ichika about to answer Tamaru’s confession

The reason why Ichika wants to meet Tamaru is that she wants to give him her answer to his confession. After confronting Tamaru with her feelings, they still managed to at least act normally. Then, when they’re about to go home, they accidentally stumbled upon Ryo. Of course, tension is building up, but for the first time, Tamaru did not let his age inferiority meddle in his business with Ryo.

He speaks up about what is on his mind, and there, Ryo realized one of his mistakes. The next thing that happened because of their unexpected encounter is that Ichika finally opens up to Ryo about her previous problem. Well, it seems to me that this is a step closer for the two of them since Ichika is finally letting Ryo be aware of her personal problems.

Ichika finally opens to Rio

Another highlight of Koikimo episode 9 is the fact that Ichika finally tells Rio what was on her mind in the past few days. In case you missed it, Rio was worried about Ichika because she feels that something is off. In normal circumstances, Ichika will open up to her when a problem arises but she didn’t this time.

Accordingly, Ichika and Rio are only walking on the school corridor but a teacher suddenly asks for their help. Moreover, the teacher also involves Tamaru in his request. As a result, while doing what the teacher asked them to do, the atmosphere between Tamaru and Ichika is becoming awkward. Rio noticed the tension and asks the two of them why are they like that.

Thanks to Tamaru’s initiation, Ichika finally tells Rio about the things that kept bothering her for the past few days. She also reconciles with her and apologizes for not being open. It’s a good thing that we can finally see again how close they really are to each other.

Matsushima telling Ryo about her feelings

Lastly, we also get to see Matsushima making a move on Ryo. She finally confesses to the one she likes. Her courage is admirable, Matsushima literally goes all the way, telling Ryo anything that is related to her feelings without pausing. She also asks him about his crush and Ryo finally tells her the features of Ichika, including the fact that she is currently in high school. After hearing Ryo, Matsushima still confirms her resolve and asks him a selfish request.

It seems that Ryo is in a tight situation right now, and needs a firm resolve to answer Matsushima’s request. We will know his answer on the next episode that will air on May 31 so stay tuned. You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll.

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The Synopsis of the Story:

One rainy day, salaryman Amakusa Ryo is saved by a high school girl he doesn’t know at the station. He later finds out that the girl is Arima Ichika. Ryo is somewhat of a womanizer and to repay her for saving him, he suggests giving her a kiss or going out on a date with her, in which Ichika tells him he’s creepy.

This, however, opens a new door for Ryo and he falls madly in love with her. Ever since then, Ryo tries to overly express his feelings to Ichika. Ichika just keeps insulting him and says he’s being creepy, but he just seems to take it as her way of showing affection towards him…

Screenshots via: Crunchyroll

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