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Koikimo Finale: From “You’re Creepy” To “I Love You”

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Koikimo Finale is finally out! Things almost got out of hand from the previous episode. Ichika almost tells Ryo what she really feels. However, Ryo noticed it, which results in a change in his actions in this episode.

To begin with, Ichika notices that Ryo is not calling her anymore, and she asks Rio if he is alright. Since Ryo is calling Ichika every day for 6 months, it’s only natural that she feels that’s something off when he stopped calling her. Unfortunately, it seems that Rio knew nothing of Ryo’s actions in the past few days. Still, Rio knows that Ichika worries about her brother, so she gave her a push to make move because Rio knows that Ichika loves Ryo.

It looks like the season finale of the anime has a bad start.

Image of Ryo being sad

Because of Rio’s advice, Ichika calls Rio and invites him on a date, but Ryo declines and tells her that he is busy at work. Of course, Ichika can’t do anything about it but she knows that something is not right.

After a few days, Ichika saw Ryo at the train station but she can’t approach him because he is talking to someone. Moreover, it’s a girl, so Ichika also feels insecure at that moment, especially when it comes to age and fashion.

Then, the next scene we have includes Rio talking to Ichika again. There, she tries to reach out to her best friend, but Ichika shouts at her, saying that it’s not her business. Luckily, Ichika comes to her senses and opens up to Rio. She tells her that Ryo deserves a better person, someone who is smarter, more fashionable, and an adult. Nevertheless, Rio still encourages her to keep moving forward towards her brother because she is the one Ryo likes. Hence, Ichika decides that she will do everything to meet Ryo in person and tell him what she really feels.

Ichika being grateful to Rio

What’s more, Ryo also did the same thing. Ryo tells Masuda that he thinks it will be better if he stops courting Ichika. When he noticed Ichika’s feelings from the previous episode, he became scared. Ryo thinks that Ichika will only suffer if the two of them go out together. Moreover, he is not sure if he can become a decent guy that can take care of Ichika.

Thankfully, Masuda told Ryo the same thing Rio said to Ichika. As a result, Ryo comes to his senses and decided to not give up, but still, he can’t confront Ichika because of his latest actions.

Later on, Ichika spots Ryo again at the train station where they first met. There, she runs to follow him as much as she can. When Ichika can’t go on anymore, she shouts at Ryo and he approached her. Finally, after a very long time, they meet each other again. In this part, Ichika tells Ryo that she loves him.

Ryo kisses Ichika

After hearing those words, Ryo kisses Ichika. This is definitely a perfect scene for Koikimo’s finale.

What’s more, Ryo also tells Ichika why he distanced himself from her, and she scolds him after hearing that. Then, Ichika also asks Ryo if he can wait for her until she becomes an adult. Of course, Ryo said yes and the two of them starts to go out together.

After all the things that happened, Ichika realizes that the one she is calling creepy is now her love. What an amazing ride for Koikimo.

In addition, after the broadcast of Koikimo episode 12, Mugosu, the author of the anime thanks all of the fans on Twitter. You can check the tweet below:

Mogusu’s tweet

Lastly, if the confession of Ichika makes your heart skip a beat, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

The Synopsis of the Story

One rainy day, salaryman Amakusa Ryo is saved by a high school girl he doesn’t know at the station. He later finds out that the girl is Arima Ichika. Ryo is somewhat of a womanizer and to repay her for saving him, he suggests giving her a kiss or going out on a date with her, in which Ichika tells him he’s creepy.

This, however, opens a new door for Ryo and he falls madly in love with her. Ever since then, Ryo tries to overly express his feelings to Ichika. Ichika just keeps insulting him and says he’s being creepy, but he just seems to take it as her way of showing affection towards him…

Screenshots via: Crunchyroll

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