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The Best Moments In Spring 2021 Anime

Spring 2021 anime has come to an end, but the best moments in have yet to be addressed. There have been many memorable moments that have happened this season that Anime Corner has loved with each show. However, these happen to be the best anime moments in our personal opinions in no particular order. Spoilers Ahead!

Megalo Box 2’s Best Moments in Spring 2021 Anime

Nomad: Megalo Box 2 is one of the underrated anime’s in 2021, but despite this, the show offers one of the best moments in the season. Moreover, as the series got closer to its climax, several emotional moments occurred throughout the show. For example, during episode 10, Joe fights against Sachio in the underground boxing ring, with the latter angry at the former.

However, while the boxing matches in Megalo Box have been exciting, this fight feels different because of the emotional weight. Additionally, this fight proves that Nomad: Megalo Box 2 isn’t just a boxing anime; it’s about human beings.

The Amazing Reference in Combatants Will Be Dispatched

Creator Natsume Akatsuki wrote both this show and KonoSuba, with the former title coming first. Furthermore, the show’s finale features tropes from KonoSuba, like the useless archpriest and the destroyer. Additionally, these tropes offer striking resemblances to the destroyer and Aqua’s role in KonoSuba. The useless archpriest is similar to Aqua because she repeatedly dies with valuable nothing about her.

Finally, the show makes another reference to KonoSuba with the word Chunchunmaru which is a reference to Kazuma’s sword. However, in the show, this refers to Agent 6’s manhood.

The Nail-Biting Debut Test Is Shadow House’s Best Moments in Spring 2021

One of the best moments in Spring 2021 happened during the Shadow House in episode 9. Emilico and Kate were able to pass the debut test, despite time nearly running out. Working together, Emilico used her quick wits to travel on water by using a cart that she picked up at the beginning of the test. However, the cart suddenly stops and launches both of them, which causes Kate to create a pair of wings made out of soot.

Thanks to this, both Emilico and Kate were able to cross through the finish line. What’s more, the music and the composition of the debut test’s final scene delivered a memorable impression for audiences.

The Epic Revenge Concert in Zombieland Saga

The most memorable moment in Zombieland Saga has to be during the epic revenge concert. Just a day before the show, the zombie girls visit the stadium, which is large and terrifying due to space. However, in mere moments, crowds of fans swarm into the stadium to greet the zombie girls. Everyone that Franchouchou meets during the show is present here to give the zombie girls their support.

Culminating with the largest crowd that the series has ever had, with Sakura screaming at the top of her lungs, “SAGA! REVENGE!”

Deku Inherits the Black Whip in My Hero Academia

Eventually, Shinso was able to call out his powers despite being nervous, and Deku met his former predecessor of One For All. Deku’s predecessor explain what happened, and that the blackwhip is stronger now than before. From this brief clip, studio Bones reveal the blackwhip quirk with lots of build-ups and no sound, which drives home the power behind this ability.

The Declaration of Love in the Koikimo Finale

Koikimo is an anime that focuses on age gaps in relationships, particularly between Ryo and Ichika, which is an 11-year age gap. What makes this moment so memorable in the anime is how it feels earned, as it took several episodes for Ichika to reciprocate Ryo’s feelings. Initially, Ichika thought he was creepy, but she says that she loves him by the finale. However, Ichika requests that Ryo waits until she’s older, to which he says to take all the time she needs.

Shin Fulfils His Goal In 86 -Eighty Six-

One of the most emotional moments of Spring 2021 happened in 86 -Eighty Six-. After bottling up years of mental trauma, Shin finally gives himself a chance to let his pain out as he puts Rei to rest after an epic battle. Not only did this feel like a boulder on Shin’s shoulders, but it felt like one to the audience. It allowed the story to continue onto its next phase.

Takemichi Saving Draken in Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers’ eleventh episode is memorable because of how much it kept us at the edge of our seats. For starters, we were able to see Takemichi develop as a character, standing up for himself and others. Everyone was in a panic after Draken was stabbed during the brawl. But, thanks to Takemichi and everyone else, Draken was eventually saved after being rushed to the hospital. In turn, it changed the present timeline for the better – or so fans thought.

Setsu’s Solo Performance in Those Snow White Notes

One of the best moments of the season happens in the anime: Those Snow White Notes. The show focuses on competition for young shamisen musicians, where it devotes six episodes for the Matsugouro Cup. Setsu performs in the solo division; however, he goes into an existential conflict when he is unsure whether he should play his grandfather’s sound or his own.

Setsu decides to play his music using his sound, sparking great motivation and a chance to prove himself to his audience.

Free from a Curse in Fruit Baskets: The Final

Many great moments happened during Fruit Basket: The Final, but the climax stands out the most. The Soma family is finally free of the zodiac curse they have suffered since the first season. What’s more, seeing the family’s reaction to being free is one of the most satisfying moments in the series. Additionally, Kyo declares his love for Tohru and seals the deal with a second kiss.

The expression that Tohru shows in her happiness, tears running down her face, is just priceless.

Vivy’s Best Moments in Spring 2021 Anime

Easily one of the best moments of spring 2021 is the fight scene in episode 9 of Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song. The fight between Diva and Yugo illustrates some of the best fluidity that anime has to offer. The choreography in this episode is jam-packed with fast movements, great music, and one of the most satisfying sound directions seen in the season.

Animation this good in anime is hard to find, but audiences are in for a treat when it is shown like this.

Additionally, if there are any moments from this season that we didn’t include, please let us know! Anime Corner continues to cover the best moments in the Summer 2021 anime season.

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