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My Hero Academia Episode 104 Preview Images Released

My Hero Academia Episode 104 preview images were released on Thursday. Despite episode 104 being an anime original, it still looks like fans everywhere will be able to enjoy it. And, for the time being, maybe that’s a good thing.

As shown in the preview at the end of episode 103, fans will be watching Uraraka join Tsu as she heads back to her training days with Selkie! More preview images for episode 104 are also up on the official My Hero Academia website. But you can check out the four posted on the official Twitter below.

Time For a Relaxing Weekend of My Hero Academia

Training with Endeavor in the previous episode brought a more serious tone. Luckily, it looks like fans will be able to enjoy a more light-hearted episode. Knowing what’s on the way, fans should just kick back and enjoy this episode 104 while they can.

While it does look like we’ll be seeing an original villain, it’s probably best to assume we’ll never see him again after this episode. But how will Tsu and Uraraka help Selkie this time around? It’ll be interesting to see how far both have come since last time.

It also seems that Nejire and Ryuko will make appearances in the episode so that’s always a plus.

Preview Video for Episode 104

The official preview for episode 104 seems reminiscent of Tsu’s previous hero work with Selkie. But this time around, it seems to be less dark and more high-spirited with some comedic twist thrown in.

Episode 104 of My Hero Academia will air this Saturday, July 17th, on Crunchyroll and Funimation. If you thought episode 103 of My Hero Academia was great, then make sure to vote for it in our weekly poll!

With most fans knowing what’s in store for the story, it seems that BONES is giving us all a breather. A “calm before the storm” episode.

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