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Megalo Box 2 Episode 7 – The Past Versus The Future

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Over the last couple of episodes, Nomad Megalo Box 2 has focused on Joe’s redemption after seemingly abandoning his friends. These character-focused episodes help to develop both Joe and the side characters of the story. However, in episode 7, although the focus is still character-driven, it is notably more plot-focused as the series reaches the halfway point.

Additionally, characters such as Liu or Mac Rosario have become more motivated as boxers due to the return of Gearless Joe, making the future of the series appear more interesting.

Megalo Box 2 Episode 7 Summary

Yukiko Shirato From Nomad Megalo Box 2
Yukiko Shirato – Image taken from official twitter

The episode begins with Liu training at his gym as he prepares for his fight against Mac. Yuri, the previous rival of Joe, watches over him as his coach and mentor to make sure his pupil is ready for the fight. Moreover, after hearing that Joe has come back, Liu begs Yuri for the opportunity to fight him again. Additionally, Liu feels frustrated because the exhibition match from years prior wasn’t as fulfilling as he had hoped.

Meanwhile, Joe is attempting to rebuild Gym Nowhere, symbolically showing his recovery in Megalo Box 2. Liu drives down and approaches Joe, requesting the latter to fight him as his sparring partner. The scene transitions to the backstory of Mac Rosario and his career as a boxer during the anime. Initially, Mac was a violent and emotional boxer who retired following his wife’s pregnancy. Mac has taken the role of a police officer to earn money.

Following a gang dispute, Mac’s injured in a fire after saving many lives, causing him to go into a coma. A stray bullet hit Mac’s spinal cord, which caused him to suffer total paralysis throughout his body. However, thanks to the company Rosco, Mac was able to recover from the coma fully. Now he is fighting once again in the ring under the company that has saved him.

Joe eventually arrives at the gym Liu trains at, fulfilling his role as a sparring partner for the latter’s upcoming match. When the fight started, Joe was at a disadvantage and seemed to be losing against Liu’s punches. However, this only got Joe excited for the fight, turning it from sparring into a proper match. The episode ends on match day as Mac looks at Joe with excitement.

How Are Megalo Box 2’s New Characters

Mikio Shirato in Nomad Megalo Box 2
Mikio Shirato – Image taken from official twitter

Nomad Megalo Box 2 has hinted at these characters in previous episodes. However, this marks the first time viewers get to see them correctly. We get to see Liu once again but not in flashback, showing him as an eager boxer who wishes to fight Joe once again. In my personal opinion, Liu was a subversion to the cocky newcomer because he still treats Joe with respect. He is desiring to fight him because he felt that the exhibition match wasn’t fulfilling to him.

Additionally, Mac is also an interesting character because his motivations aren’t selfish or prideful. Instead, he is fighting again so that his son can see what he is like as a boxer. Mac’s lack of interest in being the champion is similar to Joe during season one because the latter just wanted to fight Yuri again. These two new characters in comparison of Joe is interesting because it’s both similar and different to the rivalry in the last season.

The Theme Of Past Versus Future

Yuri returns in Nomad Megalo Box 2
Yuri – Image taken from official twitter

The central theme of Nomad Megalo Box 2 episode 7 is the past versus the future. Joe and Yuri’s time during the tournament has influenced future boxers in fighting as they did. However, Liu felt like he was constantly clinging to the past because he didn’t think he’d ever be able to surpass Joe. It’s because Joe wasn’t fighting at his best at the time because of Nanbu’s death.

Likewise, at the beginning of episode 1, Mac anonymously stated that “I don’t belong in that ring, I finally understand that, Gearless Joe.” Once again, that season 1 finale shows the impact of how the past influences the future. Judging from how Mac looked at Joe at the end of episode 7, only time will tell his true intentions.

Screenshots via official Twitter
Megalobox 2 Official Twitter
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