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Megalo Box 2 Episode 10 - Forgiveness

Nomad: Megalo Box 2 has reached its episode 10 and focuses on Joes’ decision to fight rival boxer, Mac. The episode is filled with emotional weight and acts as the build-up to the inevitable climax of Megalo Box 2. However, the show has also resolved various conflicts in the show’s narrative, such as rebuilding Joe’s and Sachio’s friendship. Additionally, the episode brought out new concerns regarding Joe’s fate that make the ending of the season bleaker.

Build-up To Megalo Box 2’s Climax

For the first time in Megalo Box 2, Joe has interacted with Mac outside of the ring, getting to know the boxer before their fight. On his way to visiting Liu, Joe meets Mac and his family in the hospital. Joe isn’t angry at Mac for injuring Liu and he’s happy that Mac is a decent person.

However, Joe also asked Mac why he challenged him despite not fighting in Megalonia for a long time. Mac explains that Joe is always a champion in his eyes and that he wishes to fight him due to living the dream that the latter gave to him.

Yuri Will Help Joe

In the original Megalo Box anime, Yuri is Joe’s main rival, and the show hints that Yuri will help Joe soon. Moreover, Yuri’s former coach is now the acting representative for Joe in his upcoming match. Initially, Yuri is disgusted by Joe as he viewed his actions as being “vain heroism.”

It wasn’t until Yuri talked to Liu at his hospital bed did he consider helping Joe once more. Liu convinces Yuri that Joe needs his help and that he shouldn’t blame himself for what happened to Liu.

Joe’s Condition

Megalo Box 2 episode 10’s main climax is the fight between Joe and Sachio, settling their trauma that’s been present throughout the show. As expected, Joe has the full advantage in the fight and doesn’t feel any joy in hurting Sachio.

Eventually, through their fight, they both forgave each other, and things seem to be looking up for both of them. But, unfortunately, Megalo Box 2’s episode tragically ends when Joe suddenly collapses after the fight.

Fans of Ashita No Joe will be familiar with this plot thread, as the main character also suffered through similar injuries in his series. Time will tell if the series will possibly end on Joe’s death.

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