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Lucky Star Manga Set To Return From Hiatus This November

Kagami Yoshimizu’s Lucky Star is returning from its 8-year-long hiatus this November, according to C2 Kikan doujin circle, which is best known for Kancolle. The manga is also moving to a new magazine: Kadokawa’s Mitaina which will release its newest issue on November 10. The reason for hiatus, which began in 2014, was a new project for the author.

Lucky Star manga originally started serialization in 2003, with a 4-koma (panel) manga in Comptiq, and over the years it was featured in multiple magazines under Kadokawa. Currently, there are 288 chapters out and they have been compiled into 10 volumes. Bandai Entertainment licensed it in English, but as the company stopped operating, Viz Media picked it up. A total of 8 volumes have been translated; Volumes 1-6 are only available digitally. The manga spawned multiple spin-offs, side stories, visual novels, but also Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku light novel.

Kyoto Animation animated the adaptation that aired in 2007. It had 12 episodes and was followed by an OVA episode in 2008. Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku also got a web anime by studios Ordet and Encourage Films.

The plot of the comedy series follows four ordinary school girls, each of which has their own personality and quirks. Konata is an otaku who often neglects her responsibilities. This annoys her friend, Kagami, who is very diligent and hard-working. Miyuki spends all her time trying to be helpful and knowledgeable, to the point of being annoying, while Tsukasa is the complete opposite: very chill. These four still manage to have fun together.

Source: C2 Kikan’s Official Twitter
©Kagami Yoshimizu/Lucky Star

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