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Magic Knight Rayearth New Anime Project Announced

Magic Knight Rayearth is getting a new anime project, with the announcement coming as a celebration of the franchise’s 30th anniversary. No details about the format or release date have been released. You can see the announcement trailer, featuring scenes from the past anime and teasing the main characters at the end.

Magic Knight Rayearth New Anime Project – Announcement Trailer

There is also a teaser anime visual featuring the trio.

Magic Knight Rayearth New Anime Project – Visual

Magic Knight Rayearth is a Japanese manga series created by CLAMP. It was serialized in the Nakayoshi magazine from November 1993 to February 1995. A sequel was serialized in the same manga magazine from March 1995 to April 1996. Kodansha published both series in a total of 6 volumes.

The manga was adapted into two anime series in 1994 and an original video animation (OVA) in 1997. The first anime ran for a total of 49 episodes through 2 seasons and was animated Tokyo Movie Shinsha (now TMS Entertainment). The OVA was animated by studio TMS-Kyokuichi and had a completely different story from the original.

Kodansha licensed the manga in English, describing the story:

While on a field trip to Tokyo Tower, three teenage girls cross a magical portal and are transported to another world called Cefiro. There they are summoned through the last remaining strength of the Princess Emeraude, who believes the trio will become the magic knights who will save her, as prophesied by legend.

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