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The Rose of Versailles Movie by MAPPA Reveals Key Visual and Trailer, Spring 2025 Premiere

The Rose of Versailles new anime movie by MAPPA has revealed a new key visual and trailer, as well as an early Spring 2025 premiere date. Ai Yoshimura is directing, with Tomoko Konparu on the script, Mariko Oka as the character designer, and Hiroyuki Sawano on the music with KOHTA YAMAMOTO.

The Rose of Versailles New Movie by MAPPA – Anime Trailer

The main cast includes Miyuki Sawashiro as Oscar François de Jarjayes, Aya Hirano as Marie Antoinette, Toshiyugi Toyonaga as André Grandier and Kazuki Kato as Hans Axel von Fersen.

The Rose of Versailles New Movie – Anime Visual

The Rose of Versailles is based on a historical and romance manga series by veteran mangaka Riyoko Ikeda. It was serialized by Shueisha and ran from May 1972 to December 1973. The manga is considered one of the pioneering works of the shojo genre. TMS Entertainment animated the original 1979 The Rose of Versailles anime, with Tadao Nagahama and Osamu Dezaki as directors. It aired for forty episodes on Nippon TV.

The official synopsis:
Oscar François de Jarjayes, raised as the “son” and heir of a general’s family, masquerades as a beautiful woman in men’s clothing. Marie Antoinette arriving from neighboring Austria as a bride to become a noble and graceful queen.. Oscar’s servant and childhood friend, the commoner André Grandier. Hans Axel von Fersen, a handsome and intelligent count from Sweden. They meet in Versailles, France in the prosperous late 18th Century and live their respective destinies beautifully while being tossed about by the tides of times.

The Rose of Versailles also pushed a greater interest for French tourism among Japanese people, with Ikeda getting the “Legion of Honor” award by the French government in 2009. The movie adaptation was announced in September 2022, four decades after the original anime series finished airing in 1980.

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