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Magical Revolution Episode 4 - The Calm Before the Storm

Episode 4 of The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and Genius Young Lady aired and we’re already seeing so much progress. Before I begin talking about my thoughts on the recent episode and what the series has built so far, I will now be addressing Anisphia as Anis and Euphyllia as Euphie since at this point we’ve already gotten to know well enough, similar to how they’ve gotten to know each other.

Anis and Euphie’s Relationship So Far

The first three episodes firmly established their personalities and that the two are in contrast with their role in society. Anis is a princess whose behavior in unbefitting of the role of a future ruler, not because she doesn’t have the abilities to do it but rather because her heart is not into it. On the other hand, Euphie is the perfect candidate to be the next queen, not only because her charming qualities and stunning brilliant wits made her the right choice but also because her magical talents are on another level. 

From the first episode, it’s been teased that Anis has had a crush on Euphie ever since the day she first saw her. It was vague at first whether Anis just likes her because of her magical capabilities but down the line, we’ve learned that it’s not just Euphie’s magic but also her entire personality. And in the fourth episode, it gets much more interesting as we can now actually see progress in their relationship.

We are already aware that Anis sees Euphie as a romantic interest but the question is, does Euphie know about it? Fortunately, she is a genius young lady, therefore, she’s not dense when it comes to love (maybe). While it is not clear that she knows a thing or two about love given that her relationship with Algard, her ex-fiancé, was all just for political reasons, it is obvious that she acknowledges that the princess loves her more than a friend. For instance, in the second episode where Euphie found out about Anis not wanting a man in her life, she immediately steps away from her for a bit and when she was going to change clothes, she tells Anis to give her some privacy. While both scenes were animated in a silly way, it wasn’t all just for a comedic gag because it also served as a subtle way of hinting at Euphie’s potential affection for Anis.

Even though Euphie knows the princess has a thing for her, she doesn’t fully avoid Anis or completely shut her out. She even went to sleep together with Anis on the same night she knew about the latter’s love for women. Maybe she permits this to happen because there’s still a lot going on in her mind and Anis is the only one being nice to her for the time being. Another reason could be that her heart is open to a relationship with the princess after being humiliated by the prince. Either way, Euphie allowing Anis to spoon-feed her with her affection wasn’t all just for comedic effect as in episode 3, we are starting to see Euphie’s love for Anis blooming. 

The amount of effort that Anis puts up with just to make her smile is incredibly admirable which eventually leads to Euphie’s love starting to flourish more than ever in episode four. In other words, Euphie is now starting to accept the love of Anis wholeheartedly and wants to return the feelings. If we look back, the first three episodes were a set-up for this wonderful moment and I cannot express how much I love the first half of the latest episode. The calmness of the scenes represented by the lushness of the colors creating a heartwarming display of Anis and Euphie’s development was exquisite. Topped with Manaka Iwami’s delicate voice as Euphie and Sayaka Senbongi’s delightful tone as Anis makes everything about it serene and cozy. It’s like watching a fluffy rom-com on a rainy day in a dark room eating ice cream and not being bothered by the cold because you feel the warmth of the love between the two characters.

Seeing how Euphie looked at Anis while she was sleeping was visually impressive and made me crave more sweet moments like this. It’s also very reassuring to see that the affection is not one-sided anymore at this point. Oftentimes, we get “yuri bait” shows where it’s up to us the viewers to speculate whether or not the two female characters love each other romantically. Luckily, it’s not the case in Magical Revolution as it’s already confirmed that Euphie will eventually fall in love with the reincarnated princess. 

An Incoming Catastrophe

While episode 4 of Magical Revolution for the most part was indeed wholesome, near the end of it leaned more into an intense build-up for the upcoming episode. As mentioned in the episode, Anis and Euphie are going to subdue a monster stampede and fight a dragon. Now whether Anis is going to have a tough time or not we’ll just have to wait and see since we don’t know the power scaling of monsters yet in this world as it varies greatly in fantasy stories. However, judging how the king reacts to this imminent disaster, it’s safe to assume that dragons are very powerful magical beasts, and it’s up against someone who doesn’t even possess magic.

Overall, episode 4 really was like the calm before the storm as for the most part it was soothing to watch until the end which introduced an upcoming calamity. The next episode will also be the first time we get to see Anis and Euphie tandem in action and I surely don’t want to miss it.

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