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Make a Girl Anime Movie Reveals Teaser Trailer, Key Visuals, and Main Cast

The Make a Girl anime movie from Genshou Yasuda released its first teaser trailer and two key visuals on Wednesday as well as details on the main cast. Yasuda Gensho Studio by Xenotoon will be animating the movie with Kadokawa overseeing the production. Fans can check out the trailer below:

Make A Girl anime movie – Special Teaser

The main cast includes Shun Horie as Akira Mizutame and Atsumi Tanezaki as No. 0. Yasuda, aside from being the original creator of the movie, will also serve as the director, storyboard artist, scriptwriter, and CG director for the project. Kenichiro Suehiro is composing the music with Yuuichi Imaizumi working as the sound director, and Rei Ueno doing the sound effects.

This is the first feature-length animated film that I directed and started by launching a studio in 2021. With a small team of seven members, we managed to bring the visual part of the film to the point of almost completion by pioneering new expressions, optimizing the production workflow, and other innovations. Although I was concerned about whether or not we would be able to deliver the film to everyone in theaters, I am happy to finally be able to present it to the public. I hope you will see the story I wanted to tell in the theater. Please wait in anticipation for the release of the film!

Statement from Genshou Yasuda, via official website (ACN Edit)

The Make a Girl anime movie follows the story of Akira Mizutame who succeeds in developing and commercializing Salt, a robot that supports people’s lives, but his new inventions fail at every turn, and he feels stuck. Then he hears from a friend that he can elevate his life by creating a “girlfriend,” and Akira scientifically creates an artificial girlfriend aptly named No. 0. She is programmed with a kind of romantic feelings for Akira. As she grows up, however, No. 0 begins to struggle with whether her heart is real or a fake that was created artificially.

Genshou Yasuda is a popular Japanese CG animator who creates short anime clips and posts them on his social media pages. Before the movie’s announcement, she had already released some much longer anime feature films back in 2020 titled Isekai System and Make Love. Both are average up to four minutes in length.

Source: Official Website
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