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Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms Anime Reveals New Key Visual and Cast Members

The Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms anime has revealed a new key visual, as two additional cast members. TriF Studio is animating, under the direction of the original creator Sae Okamoto. The anime is set to premiere in October 2024.

Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms – New Anime Visual

New cast additions include Aoi Yuki as Fubuki and Yoko Hikasa as Amaryllis. You can read the comments from the two voice actress below.

Aoi Yuki:|
Hello, I’m Yoko Hikasa and I play Amaryllis. I was able to give my all recording for this role because the staff is just so passionate and spent so many years working on this project. I guess partnerships can come in all shapes and sizes. Amaryllis is actually shaped like a flower. The meaning behind that flower is apparently “talkative,” so please look forward to how that word plays out for her!! 

Yoko Hikasa:
“Mecha-Ude” is a story that’s not just about the partnership and relationships between humans, but humans and Mecha-Udes as well. Please look forward to what kind of partnership Fubuki and Amaryllis have. I’m so excited about the broadcast!!

Hiroshi Matsuyama will serve as the series’ chief supervisor. Shuichi Aso will serve as the animation director, Tetsuya Kinoshita as the producer, and Shota Kawamura as the CG director. Terumi Nishi and Yoko Uchida are in charge of the character designs, with music by Kohta Yamamoto, DAIKI, and Hiroyuki Sawano. The previously announced voice cast for the anime includes:

  • Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Hikaru
  • Tomokazu Sugita as Alma
  • Yu Shimamura as Aki
  • Kaito Ishikawa as Sinis & Dex
  • Romi Park as Kagami
  • Amatsuki as Tohdoh
  • Hiroki Touchi as Aljis
  • Yuichi Nakamura as Fist

Check out the latest trailer for the anime:

Mecha-Ude is an original animation created and directed by Okamoto, who is a member of the TriF Studio. She also directed the 2018 short with TriF, after a crowdfunding campaign which earned nearly $67,000 in less than 2 months. Eve performed the opening theme song for the short – “Ambivalent” and AZLiGHTZ performed the ending theme “Alone”. 

The official website for the original anime lists the synopsis as:
One day, Amatsuga Hikaru, a junior high school student living in Kitakagami City, meets the mysterious “Ude”-shaped mechanical life form Alma. Alma attempts to bind to Hikaru’s body in order to obtain energy from him, but fails. To his surprise, it binds to the hoodie that Hikaru was wearing. Meanwhile, the “Kagami Group,” a large corporation that plans to enslave the Mecha-Udes and turn them into weapons, is in pursuit of Alma. ARMS, an organization working to save and free the Mecha-Udes, also searches for Alma. Hikaru, unable to abandon the weakened Alma, puts on the hoodie that Alma has bonded with and gets caught up in the great events unfolding among the Mecha-Ude users……

Source: Official website, press release
©TriF / “MECHA-UDE” Production Committee

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