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Mieruko-chan Ranked 1st for 2nd Week in a Row After Episode 9 | Fall 2021

The results of Fall 2021 Week 9 of our polls came out last Friday, and Mieruko-chan ranked 1st again after being on top in week 8. The latest episode started with Zono-sensei’s introduction, right where it left off last week. It seems like Nakamura Yoichi is voicing another cool teacher, though this one seems to be severely haunted. Miko had some more unfortunate encounters, and it’s getting harder and harder to hide it. The World’s Finest Assassin also maintained its rank at 2nd place, and you can see the top 10 shows below:

The biggest moment in the episode was definitely in the haunted house. While Hana and Yuria were reacting to the human ‘ghosts’ and ‘monsters’, Miko once again saw real ones. However, she realized she could also react and still seem natural, and so we finally saw some eeks and screams from her as well, all the while smiling. The Mieruko-chan anime has consistently among the top shows of Fall 2021, and you can see its progress so far:

Mieruko-chan Ranking Progress


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With the Fall 2021 season getting closer to the end, do you think Mieruko-chan deserves the popularity and can contend for the Anime of the Season title against the other popular shows?

Source: Anime Corner Ranking
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