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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Receiving New Project

Gundam Ace magazine has officially teased Mobile Suit Gundam Seed to receive a new project on July 26, 2021. Previously, Kadokawa magazine has announced that it will be celebrating its 20th anniversary by launching new manga across multiple issues. However, Kadokawa magazine didn’t specify if the Gundam SEED project will be a manga project.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED – Image: Sunrise Studios

Previously On Mobile Suit Gundam News

The announcement of a new Gundam project isn’t the only news that has been released in 2021, as Netflix announced a live-action film earlier this year. Additionally, the life-sized statue of the Freedom Gundam was put up in Shanghai, China. The Freedom Gundam statue will have its opening ceremony on May 28.

Additionally, Gundam Seed received a film announcement back in May 2006. However, the film had reached different roadblocks that have prevented the project from continuing, such as the death of head scriptwriter Chiaki Morosawa in 2016. Nonetheless, Singer T.M. Revolution stated that the film is “moving along” as of 2019.

What This Could Mean For The Future Of Gundam

The Gundam universe has been a part of anime pop culture since the late 70s and has continued to be relevant today. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED has a broad audience in Japan and has won several awards over its duration. The show is popular enough to receive a Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny sequel with similar praise.

The Gundam SEED franchise has garnered numerous spin-offs as well due to the popularity of the show. Whatever this new project could be, whether it is a manga or an anime, fans of the series can feel assured knowing that a new entry in the franchise is in the works.

Source: Gundam Ace July Issue
© Sunrise · © Kadokawa – Gundam Ace Magazine

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